English Class

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(Magical Power will be changed to Mana, as it's easier to understand)


Li Shushan returned to campus after communicating with Olivia via the spiritual link and arranging their future steps, as his afternoon English class was about to begin.

Many students exited the dormitory with their books and bags and headed to their respective classrooms.
The flow of people suddenly became bigger.

In reality, few students, like Li Shushan, move out to rent a residence in their second year. 

There are students in his class who have boyfriends or girlfriends but have not moved in together.
It is possible to say that the rent is out of reach for most college students.
After all, they do not have a steady source of income.

Even Li Shushan's wealthy second-generation friend Gao Xin continues to reside in the dorm.
He is not poor, but he feels that university life without a dormitory is incomplete, and that the most pleasurable aspect is meeting new people.

After Li Shushan came to the classroom, he realized that Gao Xin had arrived, and he took a seat next to him.

Looking at Li Shushan coming, Gao Xin immediately greeted him with a wink and asked him to sit next to him.

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Gao Xin never missed an English class.
It's likely that he's in class because his English is good or he’s highly interested in the topic, or his family has long intended to send him overseas for graduate school.

In reality, this college English class has a very high attendance rate.
The main reason is because this session is taught by a beautiful woman.

Liu Shuying is the name of this female university professor; she is a goddess professor acknowledged by the whole Jiangcheng University; she has a very high appearance and always wears a teacher's uniform with a white shirt on top and a black skirt on the bottom.

The stockings on her gorgeous legs are usually particularly eye-catching in this spring when the weather is not too hot, and many boys discreetly admit that they attend Liu Shuying's class not to study English, but to admire her wonderful legs.

Gradually, even “learning English” has become a synonym for “seeing beautiful legs.” 

Anyway, for college boys who are full of youth hormones, going to Liu Shuying's class is the epitome of passion.

Unfortunately, Professor Liu Shuying is quite serious, and she is also very stern with her students, behaving like a high school teacher.

“Can you guess if Teacher Liu is wearing black silk or white tights today?” Gao Xin grinned and spoke to Li Shushan, who was sitting next to him.

Li Shushan maintained the spiritual contact with Olivia, instructing her to begin the distant magic transmission experiment as soon as possible.

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He started the “universal translation” program shortly after momentarily disconnecting from Olivia, but if the mana runs out, he'll inform her.

At this time, Li Shushan heard Gao Xin's words, but did not answer his question. 

Instead, he consulted Gao Xin about a ‘supposed’ offshore company and successfully received his comprehensive help.

 “Are you preparing to start a business?” Gao Xin asked with interest.

 “Well, I have to try it out, thank you for your support.” Li Shushan replied frankly.

Gao Xin did not ask Li Shushan what type of business he would start as he had no interest in starting a business or making money.
He just wanted to relax and enjoy his college experience.

Reading online books is only one of his many pastimes, and he is constantly wondering when a true virtual reality game would be accessible so that he may live the life he desires in the game.

 Li Shushan felt that he could satisfy Gao Xin's wishes, but the time had not yet arrived.

Liu Shuying, dressed in a teacher's outfit, entered the classroom with a textbook in her hands and the sound of high heels reverberating.

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Then, with a solemn face, she adjusted her rimless glasses and noticed that all of the students had their textbooks, and she grinned with delight.

“Let's take attendance before class starts.” Liu Shuying spoke in a slightly quiet tone.

After finishing roll call, more than 50 students were attending, and no one dared to ditch her class.

She nodded slightly and began to teach in English throughout the course.
Her accent was a very standard British voice, and her speaking speed was a bit fast. 

Students with poor English understanding frequently struggled to participate or pay attention in class.

Li Shushan is a student who satisfies the criteria.
After all, he was born in the countryside.
He is terrible at both listening and speaking.
However, college English is more focused on application, and the standards for listening and speaking are pretty high, so he had to study twice as much, and you won't know where the teacher is in the textbook if you stop paying attention in class.

However, Li Shushan at this moment, after using the “Universal Mode” in the “Universal Translator” app, suddenly felt that English had become his native language. 

No matter what Liu Shuying was saying, he felt that he was taking a Chinese class!

This “universal mode” is just the lowest version of the highest, its function allows users to fully understand several popular languages, but they cannot speak it themselves.

 If you have a higher level of authority, you can speak these common languages ​​directly, and then you can understand the written language if you increase it by one level, and upgrading it even more, you can write the foreign language yourself…

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The major target demographic is those with a lot of money, specifically because once they start opening the numerous functionalities, they will be hooked!

With the depletion of mana in his mobile app and the end of the magical circle, Li Shushan recovered from “universal mode,” and he listened to Liu Shuying's English again, only to hear a little of her words sounding raspy and stiff.

Hearing her words becoming inaudible, Li Shushan contacted Olivia and asked her to input more mana remotely through the Internet.

I don’t know if it was a coincidence, but when Li Shushan made contact with Olivia it made him look as if he was in a daze during class, but Liu Shuying, a strict female professor, quickly noticed.

Liu Shuying doesn’t simply write on the whiteboard the whole class, but likes to wave around a book.
She believes that doing so will encourage her students to take her class more seriously and attentively.

And this university professor, who is around the same in attitude as a high school teacher, despises people who are drowsy, sleepy, or play with their phones.

She approached Li Shushan's side with her high heels, took a glimpse at his desk, and spoke condescendingly with a commanding attitude, “You stand up and answer my question.”

This is, of course, spoken in English, but Li Shushan was not concerned because Olivia's mana had been successfully transmitted over the Internet, and he had also directly activated the highest authority “Language” with the app, so when he heard Liu Shuying's English, it sounded as Chinese in his head!

At this point, the other students in the class were looking at Li Shushan with pity or schadenfreude.
They anticipated that Li Shushan would be embarrassed this time.

This was Liu Shuying's original class style.
She loves to ask students who are not taking her class seriously questions and humiliate them in order for them to remember this lesson and not repeat it the next time.

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