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Gao Xin, Li Shushan's close friend, was especially concerned at this time.
He simply thought Li Shushan was unlucky because he was caught by Liu Shuying, a tough and stern professor, while he was dazed during class.

If Li Shushan is asked a question on the podium, he can discreetly inform Li Shuying that his buddy has already visited the desk once, and this way he can support his friend covertly, right?

Still Gao Xin felt helpless at this time, simply hoping that Liu Shuying will let him go because his friend is studious.

The secretary in the class is a girl named Wang Yan, who is very gloating.
She is from a big city and has always looked down upon Li Shushan.
She had trouble with him in her freshman year, but she was calmly resolved by Li Shushan. 

Her melancholy countenance brightened as she realized Li Shushan was going to make a fool of himself.

 Under the gaze of almost all his classmates, Li Shushan looked directly at the majestic and stern female professor Liu Shuying, and replied in very standard English: “Teacher, I'm ready, please go ahead and ask me a question.”

There was simply no such accent in English; his speech sounded as though Li Shushan is a natural foreigner!

Liu Shuying was visibly taken aback by Li Shushan's accent, but the other students had yet to respond, owing to their lack of comprehension.

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Liu Shuying still seems not to believe in such a miracle, as she then asked in English, “Please summarize the significance of the sixth paragraph of this article, and tell us how the author conveys his ideas and feelings in this way,” 

As soon as this question came up, more than half of the classmates were confused. 

The first question seemed reasonable and can be addressed straight in the original text, but the second question is plainly intended to complicate matters!

As a result, something that made everyone more bewildered just happened—

They all saw that Li Shushan just swept the material at random and responded to her queries in a more conventional English than Liu Shuying.
He did not utilize the original text to answer the questions, but instead immediately structured the language, which was blended with a lot of compelling vocabulary, as if he were demonstrating his broad knowledge.

In fact, these two questions are really not difficult for Li Shushan since his Chinese reading comprehension level is very high. 

In the eyes of others, Liu Shuying asked the questions in English, but Li Shushan felt that the questions were not difficult to answer as they were being translated in his mind.

And just like in Chinese class, by using his reading and comprehension skills, he answered Liu Shuying's questions easily.

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After Li Shushan finished answering, the entire classroom fell silent, and Liu Shuying, a harsh female professor, was completely shocked!

A professor with a very high level of English like Liu Shuying certainly understands what it means to answer fluently like Li Shushan. 

This naturally meant that he could go abroad at any time and communicate with foreigners in English without any difficulty…
No wonder this kid dared to be in her class in such a daze, he had such talent!

Gao Xin, who was next to Li Shushan, also looked at him with miraculous eyes.
He, who had a lot of knowledge because he read on the Internet, even doubted whether Li Shushan was taken away by a pure Englishman, or how could someone explain this? 

As for the class president named Wang Yan couldn’t believe that a guy like Li Shushan who had learned ‘dumb’ English for almost his entire life could one day use this fluent spoken language, how hard did he have to study to reach this level?

At this moment, even people like Wang Yan held a little admiration, let alone the other classmates.

Liu Shuying, a professor who is very strict with her students, immediately smiled at Li Shushan, and praised in English: “The answer is great, but what I admire more is your spoken language accent.
You must have worked very hard in private.”

Li Shushan thought to himself, ‘I have never worked hard for this class, I’m just good at using magic.’

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At this moment, he suddenly thought of something.

 ‘It's better to take this opportunity to promote a wave of the “universal translation” app.’

There is no other way.
Who would give him the funds to invest in advertising and promote this app? He had to seize every little opportunity to advertise it.

Although this may make others wonder why he discovered this app, as the app will become popular by word of mouth, everyone's attention will be drawn to it, forgetting of the person who introduced it.

He was planning to post on the Internet to promote this app.
It is one method that can be pulled into the hole.
Only by earning the first pot of money through it, can the earned money be used to further promote it, such as buying Weibo hot searches, or by going directly to an advertising company and letting a professional promote it.

However, now that he has this opportunity, he believes that word of mouth will be more effective.

Coincidentally, the English test of class 4 and 6 will start soon in June, and also the best time for him to earn money!

At this time, Li Shushan shook his head under Liu Shuying's puzzled gaze, and replied in Chinese: “I downloaded an app called 'Universal Translation' and used it to speak English.
If you are interested in it, Teacher Liu, you can download such an app from the Internet.”

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His voice reached every classmate in the class, some impatient students even found the app on the Internet as soon as possible.

Take, for example, Gao Xin who is next to Li Shushan.
He is very aware of Li Shushan's real English level.
But, now that he has discovered that this guy has completely surpassed him, he certainly hopes to know the real reason.

Hearing his words, Liu Shuying didn't take it seriously, thinking that “Universal Translation” is an app similar to “NetEase Youdao Dictionary”.
This kind of translation software can indeed improve foreign language proficiency, but it still relies on one’s own efforts.

However, she nodded, motioned Li Shushan to sit down, and then resumed class.

What she didn't know was that in the next course, about a dozen students who downloaded the “Universal Translator” app showed an incredible expression on their faces after curiously turning on the “Universal Mode”…

Gao Xin, who experienced the most basic “universal mode” for 15 minutes, couldn't help but ask Li Shushan: “How did you discover such a magical app?.”

“I found out when I searched for translation software on the Internet.
I thought it was quite useful, so I couldn't help registering as a member, recharge the app with money, and activate its more powerful functions.” Li Shushan said temptingly, his words containing subtle hints.

Gao Xin didn’t doubt it, as he was not the kind of person who likes to think much.
After finding that the “Universal Mode” button was grayed out, he immediately registered as a member, then entered the store in the app, and saw several recharge options.
His eyes lit up all of a sudden…

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