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After a long time, Olivia finally opened her eyes.
There was no fear in those magnificent amber eyes, merely serenity and indifference.

She'd been through both life and death before.
In the past, she had depended on her own expertise and a little amount of luck to get her through a crisis, but fortunately, her luck was rather higher, allowing her to survive countless unforeseen hardships.

Despite the fact that she had mentally prepared herself for the danger before opting to study the “Dragon Treasury” of the half-plane ruins and had attempted to recreate as many of the difficulties that would occur in preparation.

 The “dragon treasury” ruin contained a trap that could not be disarmed at all.

As a result, the challenge of investigating such perilous ruins increased.

Although the trap was hard to detect, it only drew her into the turmoil of space, and  she now felt hopeless at the moment.

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Regardless of how remarkable her ability for space magic was, the various writings she had read and what her instructor had warned her about drifting into the turbulence of space, it was that there would be no way to come home in such a case.

Olivia is an expert in space magic and can easily travel to many other worlds.
This is why she dared to inspect the half-plane ruins, but what she needed now were the correct coordinates in order to maneuver around the ruins successfully.

Even though she established the origins of the coordinate system in the planet she came from, the emergence of spatial turbulence has destroyed the coordinates she needed to return home in the first place.

If she pushed through the space hole, she would merely waste her magical strength by trying to return to her world, and if she failed, she would be sent to a realm of complete stillness with no air at all.

For Olivia, who had honed her skills and survived through death and life several times, she would have lost all of her thoughts and emotions in the chaotic flow of space if she was a normal person.

 But, despite surviving the flow of space, Olivia had no clue how long she'd be there since one would lose all concept of time as a result of the turbulence of space.
Her perseverance and desire instilled in her were the only things that kept her sane.

Her mental fortitude has tremendously increased in such a difficult situation, and the magic bottleneck that had been stuck has been freed.

If she returns home, Olivia will undoubtedly be catapulted to the legendary magician status as long as she survives this turbulent space hole.

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And when she reaches the age of twenty, she will have surpassed all previous record holders as the continent's youngest legendary wizard!

A miracle occurred in this case.
In the vastness of space, a chair that was clearly a human design emerged out of nowhere, and she felt a surge of joy seeing it.

Then, she pulled the chair to her spot with the assistance of magic, using the last ounce of power she had left, and she managed to resist the turbulence of space!

Despite the fact that she has survived another major crisis, her current mental strength has been severely depleted, as have all of the resource reserves in her space pocket.



Returning to the present, Olivia, who appeared out of nowhere in the window, spotted the young man sitting on the ground.
The young man was gazing at her with an odd smile on his face, which made her feel puzzled because most people who have seen her beauty would be awestruck.

For example, the residents of certain planes regarded her as a goddess the last time she visited them.

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Furthermore, based on what she had seen, there was no doubt that the young man lacked an aura of strength.
To put it simply, he is a commoner.

Therefore, he wasn’t in the position to threaten her in any way whatsoever.
But what piqued her interest was that she had an impression and a definite yet causal connection with the young man who was sitting down in a dark room.

The fact that she was not endowed in prophecy magic was a letdown, because using the prophetic ability allows one to understand why a given individual is qualified to have an intimate and casual relationship with another.

But, thanks to this commoner's chair, she was able to escape, making the other party her savior.

Regarding her rescuer, even if the other party's standing is low, she will not be frugal in fulfilling some of his little desires, such as money, power, prestige, and so on.

Her words are all that matters when it comes to titles and territory.
Isn't this everything that the average person wants in life?

Olivia graciously performed a mage introduction for the opposing party.
She conveyed her appreciation while disclosing her identity.
She always pretended to be a proper woman in order to mask her own pride.

Then, using her indifferent and ethereal voice, she said: “Civilian, I am a mage who has traveled here.
Take me to see the lord here and I can fulfill your wish.”

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Olivia is accustomed to working with aristocrats, as opposed to interacting with ordinary people. 

She wanted to take the advantage of the secular authority of the opposing side in order to gain resources.
At the same time, she is confident that no noble will pass up the chance to work with a legendary magician.

When Li Shushan heard Olivia's voice, he first praised it in his heart before shaking his head and saying, “I don't understand what you're saying.”

Olivia couldn’t help but frown slightly.
What a remote and backward plane this is!

In reality, she has never been in a position like this before.
Assuming she is still able to use magic, she simply needs to utilize the “language” magic in order to speak with the natives.
However, she has depleted her mental energy reserves and thus is unable to use it at this time.

Fortunately, the first person Olivia met in this world was Li Shushan.
Otherwise, with her current state of vulnerability and her stunning beauty, she would undoubtedly be duped by others.

In the face of the other party's charm, Li Shushan was totally unaffected and treated her as if she were his own creation.
One thing he was particularly interested in, and that was why the other person was obviously the heroine in his books, and why she had shown herself before him…

After some thought, he realized that he is not afraid of this girl since he knows her much too well.
Li Shushan jumped to his feet and nonchalantly turned on the light.
He saw that the formerly dark room had brightened, and that he could now see the attractive girl from his book more clearly.

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