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Li Shushan, who usually doesn’t eat breakfast, ordered it or Olivia, and of course, based on his understanding of her taste.
It was a high-sweet eight-treasure porridge, three pumpkin cakes, and three custard buns.

He knows Olivia enjoys sweets since she never needs to worry about gaining weight from them.
She can precisely and consistently regulate her body's energy intake, and any excess foods will be temporarily stored in her muscles rather than becoming fat. 

Moreover, when she is absorbed in learning and problem solving, the sweets will be eaten swiftly.

This is also thanks to magic, which can be regarded as the application of micro-space magic, and the ability to develop such magic is due to Olivia's love for sweets, and at the same time, she didn’t want the sweets to affect her figure.

Olivia was in a state of depression because she couldn’t grasp the unknown knowledge in front of her, but the incredibly delicious breakfast that arrived on time allowed her to quickly recover from her state.

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She thought this breakfast was ideal for her even though she’s never eaten an eight-treasure porridge, a pumpkin pie or a custard bun.

Olivia eventually smiled with contentment after eating this quite sweet breakfast, but she also made the choice that she must master all of the world's knowledge.

If possible, she even wants to build a mage tower in this world as a place for her to live and study.
Of course, she had to acknowledge that the food on this planet was out of this world.

Mathematics is said to be the universal language of many universes.
She is unsure about the battle strength of a magician on this world, but she can affirm that the advanced knowledge learned by humans on this planet has far surpassed her.

The book that Li Shushan showed her just now is just the tip of the iceberg.

It's ridiculous that she still laughed at this in her heart before, thinking this world was only populated by idiotic people and such actions made her feel very ashamed.

 But she has always lived by the motto “A real legendary wizard with the heart of an apprentice.” She decided to learn the knowledge of this planet from Li Shushan with the attitude of learning magic when she was a magic apprentice.

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When Olivia expressed anxiously to Li Shushan that she wanted to learn from him, Li Shushan still had a gentle smile on his face, and he once again praised the temptation of knowledge that she had molded her himself as a heroine with a stubbornness to learn the unknown.

Now, he doesn't have to worry about her having magic and being found by others too soon, as he, the dark hand behind the scenes, can gently make preparations.

Olivia, who is now on an apprenticeship, is extremely candid: “I must admit that the information you graciously shared with me has piqued my interest.
I was going to take the quickest method to recharge my magic power and find a way home, but now I'm thinking of building a mage tower on this planet.
I believe this world is valuable enough for me to construct a mage tower.”

For a mage like Olivia who is looking for the truth, the closer she gets to it, the more appealing it becomes, so even if she discovers the coordinates of her native plane again, she will at best report back and then come back to study.

Olivia admits that the high-end knowledge on this planet is well beyond her own world, yet she continues to misjudge its development speed.
After all, we live in an information age, and her learning pace may not be able to keep up.
The speed at which knowledge evolves is never ending.

When Li Shushan heard Olivia’s words, he couldn’t help but become agitated: “Compared with the Mage Tower, I think it’s possible to build a floating city.
In the future, you can even build a world around a star and build a country using magic.
And if you showcase the power of magic, this will undoubtedly attract countless elites to join, and they will produce valuable knowledge all the time to immerse you in it.”

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Olivia's breathing became hurried as she heard what Li Shushan said to her.

In actuality, her original planet, the concept of a floating city, is nothing more than a paper fantasy of the Mages Council.
She's not sure what stars and space rings are, but they seem interesting. 

Nonetheless, having a floating city should be a building that a mage should have!

But what moved her the most was actually the valuable knowledge that would be produced at that moment, so she felt that what Li Shushan just said was particularly in line with her vision.
She naturally didn't know that Li Shushan was simply controlling her to go into a certain direction.

However, Li Shushan did not completely deceive Olivia.
He actually knew very well how magi combined with real-world technology could create amazing miracles. 

If there wasn't Olivia, then he can only use his brain to imagine in a novel, but now with her and her magic, everything is worth trying in reality.

Therefore, Li Shushan wants to learn magic.
It is only a small goal to make himself otherworldly.
But, what he really wants to see is that the whole world changes because of magic.

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“Very good! As a mage, I should dare to think more.
Then, my reliable friend, when can I start building the floating city?” Olivia was already a little impatient, and she really believed it. 

Li Shushan opened his mouth and thought that he was a particularly reliable friend, “Don't worry, the floating city can't be built in a day, nor can it be built by the two of us.
We need a lot of manpower and material resources, and exposing our purpose at the beginning will definitely make the national power of this plane extremely afraid.
The power of magic also needs to be packaged to make it a technology that people are accustomed to…”, he continued to talk freely.

Olivia nodded her head repeatedly.
She is naturally cautious and enjoys technical advancement.
It's simply that the planet she was on in the past couldn't keep up with her growth.
Working behind closed doors has no future.

As a result, she discovered both the delight and the need of embarking on numerous treasure-hunting adventures.

Li Shushan's beliefs now match her extremely well, but she has little interest in directing secular forces.
She would rather study from the mound of books.

For now, what she has to do is to learn this dimension from Li Shushan, notably the language and writing, so as to save her from communicating with Li Shushan and to not spend mana and continuing to use the magic “Language”.

 Until this time, Li Shushan solemnly stated his true purpose: “Olivia, my loyal friend, can I learn magic from you?.”

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