(this chapter can be quite confusing)

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Olivia shook her head hesitantly when she heard Li Shushan's question and remarked, sympathetically: “You lack the ability to learn magic.
Even to this day, I'm still baffled by the nature of magic.
People who are talented in magic can utilize it even if they don't understand anything about it, just as regular people can breathe without learning how to breathe.”

When Li Shushan heard this response, he had no reason to assume Olivia was denying his request on purpose.
He had actually prepared for this.
People with magical talents are incredibly rare in the world of his novels, even if citizens are lucky enough to become the apprentice of a mage, so no matter how much magic theory he studied, he couldn't use magic.

Li Shushan is, without a doubt, a genuine civilian, but he doesn't have to be unhappy. 

Who says that if you can't learn magic, you can't use it?

Magic, according to Li Shushan, is only a tool.
He's not interested in studying the core of magic.
All he has to know is how to utilize it.

As a result, Li Shushan's imagination wandered to the fantasy-like concept of “sharing magic.”

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He proposed that Olivia construct a “Magic Net,” then draw him into it, and then use the Magic Net to “download” the magic.
Of course, one may utilize it, and even improve it, and then upload it to the Magic Net in which he can use it through Olivia's mana.

(T/L: Magic Net= Internet, something like Google to be exact)

This kind of advice is also beneficial to Olivia without harm.
As long as he joins Olivia’s magic net, his knowledge is revealed to her.
This is the combination of a writer 's thoughts and magic.

Moreover, If this approach can really be successful, then Li Shushan can be said to have reached the sky in one step.
As long as Olivia is willing to share the magic she has, then he can use it. 

At this time, Olivia saw Li Shushan fall silent.
She thought that the other party was hit by the lack of magical talent.
Then again, such a thing is all too typical on her home planet; practically all civilians aspire to be a mage, but even if they work their entire life, they will never be able to do so.

Since Li Shushan has been initially recognized as her reliable friend, she further comforted him, “You don't need to be too depressed, I will always be by your side.
If you want to use magic, just tell me.”

When Li Shushan heard this, he couldn't help but ridicule her, “It's better to say less about ‘always by your side’, otherwise I’ll misunderstand.”

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Olivia's gorgeous amber eyes displayed puzzlement as she tilted her head, unable to comprehend Li Shushan's mockery. 

He smiled but didn't say much.
Who created the protagonist to be a straight steel girl who is impervious to love? This is, of course, why she is so strong.

If women are not careful, love can be deadly and turn into a weakness.

Li Shushan checked his phone and saw that it was late and that he needed to get to class.
Then, he had spent the previous several minutes expounding on his concept of the “Magic Net” to Olivia, but she had no idea what he was saying and was naturally perplexed.

Even so, Olivia still thinks this idea is very cool and creative.
She is very willing to cooperate with Li Shushan to try to build this “magic net” that can turn civilians into spellcasters.
Of course, allowing for Olivia to become a magic net. 

Furthermore in the magic net, the master can ban the caster from casting the spell in a single thought, and she will also give Li Shushan the status of “administrator” and “authority dog”.

However, in the next moment, Olivia’s expression became weird again and spoke with some uncertainty: “How do I feel that this idea you put forward is actually to let me play the role of a god, and then give it to my believers.
Then, if this is the case, then I have actually done this kind of thing on many planets before.
I have played the goddess of light and the god of knowledge…
Now is this a plan to make me the goddess of magic?.”

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When Li Shushan heard Olivia say this, he felt a little embarrassed since the “Magic Net Project” he offered based on his thoughts had suddenly become so low.

But then he abruptly said, “The Magic Net initiative is very different from your past approach.
We want netizens with subjective initiative who can give back, not merely believers who supply spiritual force.
You provide more magical ideas, and you don't have to act as a god; all you have to do is be a server who receives information.”

As the saying goes, forced explanations are the most lethal, but Olivia believes that this plan fits her hunger perfectly. 

She used to work as an aboriginal deity, but she doesn't think it's simple to guide believers.
But still, high-quality believers are too rare.

And now, after hearing Li Shushan mention that as long as there is a server to absorb knowledge, she believes this type of sitting and enjoying it is quite comfortable, despite the fact that she has no idea what a “server” is.

When Li Shushan saw Olivia had accepted his assertion, he coughed gently and proceeded, speaking cheekily: “The Internet-based magic net I mentioned may be more sophisticated, or you may play the goddess now and give me a present.
What about offering your divine art? This, I believe, can be the foundation for constructing a magical net.”

Olivia paused for a bit before continuing, “Do you really believe in me? People who are typically knowledgeable, such as yourself, will, in my opinion, not trust others.
If you become one of my followers, unfortunately, you will be entirely under my control.
And I as a god can easily remove a believers' autonomous ideas and convert them into puppets.”

Li Shushan's face exhibited the sweet grin that made Olivia feel dazzled suddenly, only to hear him reply firmly: “I believe you.”

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Yes, Li Shushan trusted Olivia from start to finish.
No one can trust her as much as he does.

“As you see fit.”

Olivia is not a jerk.
If she can convert Li Shushan immediately, she will be able to regain her mental vigor as quickly as possible.

She will recall Li Shushan's confidence in her and turn him into a believer, the first and most crucial one.

Olivia gripped her gem cane in her left hand, then put out her right palm and placed it on Li Shushan's forehead, preparing to begin performing the spell; the enchantment would fail if Li Shushan thought of resistance.

Her mental force was awakened by the gem's enchantment, transformed into a dense and empty thread, and entered Li Shushan's consciousness… 

“Huh? Your spiritual world is so vast and vibrant! Every brain hole is the size of a planet!.”

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