do it that way and instead communicate our own views.
If it is a romantic connection when you communicate over the Internet, it is similar to a long-distance romance.
It is possible to say that there is no sense of security.
No one knows if you turn your head and converse with the opposite sex after sending a message and saying 'good night,' but if it is between us using spiritual connection, then it is nearly like saying 'good night' to your face and then going to sleep together, with no potential of lies.” (T/L: Slightly Confusing)

“What is a relationship? What is a long-distance relationship?” Olivia, who was an emotional blank slate, inquired like a curious newborn.

Li Shushan's imagination even portrayed the expression on Olivia's face, who was at home reading a magic book.
When it came to magic, she was full of enthusiasm and pride but in other aspects, she was naive and ignorant.

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This kind of Olivia to Li Shushan felt particularly charming.
If “falling in love” can be explained in words, it will be very troublesome, because it does not need to be explained at all, and Li Shushan, who is now in a state of mental link, directly thought of something, and projected various scenarios of “falling in love” in his spiritual world.

Soon, Olivia saw various images pop up.
In them were Li Shushan who was eating with her, and fed her during the meal, and then when they were walking on the road, the two held hands sweetly, clasped their fingers, and gave each other gifts on their birthdays. 

Afterwards, they went to the movies, went to the playground, and kissed under the grand fireworks…

“It looks like dating and being in love is a pretty intriguing process, like eating sweets.” Olivia made an impartial remark.

Then Li Shushan projected his concept of a “distance relationship.”

“How can a long-distance relationship cause someone to fall in love with a magic prop (mobile phone)? It's really strange.” Olivia curled her lips, but she was soon full of pride.
“Fortunately, I have magic and can avoid long-distance relationships completely.”

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Olivia feels that she has gained a lot.
This is knowledge that she has never learnt before.
She then remarked cheerfully, “Li Shushan, you have a wealth of information.
You have a great grasp on dating.
Have you found love?.”

Li Shushan, a single man, was upset for whatever reason, therefore he unconsciously wanted to lie about having several girlfriends.
However, because he was spiritually bonded and could not lie, he could only answer as follows: “I have not fallen in love.
There is no woman who is interested in me.”

“Just now, when you explained to me what 'falling in love' is, you plainly displayed a desire, so why are you acting depressed now?.” Olivia wondered.

Li Shushan was speechless this time.
He will naturally look forward to a wonderful relationship as long as he is a normal man and is unmarried at this age.
Feelings, unfortunately, cannot be forced.
He is also an introverted individual.
Because of his job of writing novels, he is also quite homely, but with his fairly good appearance, it is actually not difficult to get out of his single status but his attitude towards facing his feelings is remorseful.

Olivia felt Li Shushan’s enthusiasm, and she conveyed her thoughts very seriously: “It’s obviously as good to fall in love as eating sweets.
Since you’re not interested in females on your planet, then how about falling in love with me?.”

“ (°ロ°) ! “Li Shushan was shocked.

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