When Did You Become Mine?

Chapter 4: She Deliberately Did It

Clara still couldn believe herself that she actually followed Alaric to his villa at the north eastern corner of the outskirts.

Right now, shes standing stiff in the bathroom of his personal room with nothing but a towel in hands.

And it was all because of that one video. That single video that made her dignity to hit the ground.

She still remembered that it was the video from the night before Alaric started to behave abnormally. That night was actually the last time, they had made love…. Or to put it perfectly, the last night for her to make love with someone.

After that, Clara had tried to go for blind dates several times, but they always failed.

And right now, she couldn believe that her last love making with the guy who she had loved the most and still love the most, had actually made an MMS of their lone time.

At that very moment, she couldn do anything, but follow him back to his house to escape the sharp gazes of her employees.

The building tears in her eyes had never slipped from them until now.

”Why are you doing this to me, Alaric? Why? ”

Clara said in a soft whisper as she squatted down and hugged her legs to console herself.

”I loved you so much. Till now, I couldn think about another guy except you, no matter how many blind dates I went to. But you… ”

Clara couldn utter anymore words as her cries and snobs filled the bathroom.

Alaric, who was sitting in his study room and was seeing the crying Clara in his laptop screen, and hearing her words, felt a tingling feeling in his heart.

He looked at her in dilemma and confusion as he mumbled, ”Whats up with her? What the hell is she actually saying? ”

”Isn her parents the ones who took away my happiness just because I was dating her? ”

”They killed my mom and dad just because I didn listen and continued to date her! ”

”And she… this sl*t continued to date me even when she was engaged to another man! And now this… ”

”For her I bet everything, only to see the dead bodies of my parents. ”

And then all the images of his parents smiles and words and then at last, their lifeless bodies filled with pool of blood replayed in his mind, like a tragedy movie. Alaric closed his eyes tightly and clenched his fists hard as he tried his best to control his emotions.

He remembered that who murdered her parents was Claras all time bodyguards, Frederick and Jones. He would never forget those faces. They had given him a victorious and mocking smile when he had just returned home and caught them in the hand.

And he still remembered those words that kept echoing in his mind until now.

”You were given a chance to back down, but you didn . Now, you need to pay the price. ”

Hell never forget that. Never!

How could he?

After all, he had still wanted to believe in her and had gone to see her that night only. But what welcomed him was her intimate hug with another man.

So, her this pain and cries all seemed worthless to him.

She was nothing but a woman full of herself.

And he would completely make sure that her dignity and ego would slowly fall down from the peak to the bottom of the mountain.


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