The date was long and tiresome because of the awkward atmosphere between us, but surprisingly it ended well when the purpose of the date was fulfilled.


And now…….the day after the date ended, the time is during lunch break.


I was supposed to be sitting around my desk in the class with my friends, happily enjoying my lunch, but….


“Well, uh…….what’s this all about?”


I was once again summoned to the student guidance office by Sakuramiya-sensei.


Sitting in front of me was Sakuramiya-sensei, who was bowing her head while handing me out a ticket to the special lunch of our school cafeteria.


Yes, Special lunch…….the most expensive option in the menu of our school’s cafeteria.
If I remember correctly, then it costs around 3000 Yen.


The food is said to be commensurate with the price, but since it does not take into account the financial situation of the students, it does not sell well.


It is a special menu that is only served for punishment games or celebrations.


“Can you accept it, Segawa-kun?”


“No, I’m scared to death…….
If I accept this, I will be asked to do something troublesome again, right?”


“No, no, that’s not true at all.”


“Then please do something about your expression first.”


Sakuramiya-sensei was sweating profusely and her eyes were darting around the room not at all meeting my gaze.
She also had an awkward smile on her face.


She clearly has some intentions behind it, once I take hold of this ticket then there will be no turning back.


Can you hear my story first before deciding anything?”


When I didn’t receive the ticket to the special meal for a long time, sensei’s expression turned to embarrassment, thinking her scheme didn’t work and she decided to tell me about it.


“Haah, well, if it’s just a short story, sure go ahead.”


Sakuramiya-sensei scratched her cheeks and continued with her story.


“When I showed the pictures of the date to my Mom, she was very happy.”


“I see.
I’m glad to hear that.”


“Well… but, uh… she said she wants to see me on a date with you live this time.”




“Of course I refused at first, but then she started to get persistent to let her accompany us on our next date.
Before I knew it, I had reluctantly agreed to her request.”




I raised my voice, which is not the kind of voice that should be directed towards someone older than you.


But I couldn’t help but shout at her, It was completely different from just taking a picture or two.
If Kiyoka-san, Sensei’s mother, is accompanying us on a date, I will have to play the role of a boyfriend properly.


The hurdles are completely different from yesterday.


“Oh, please Segawa-kun….
You are the only one I can ask.”


Of course.
If there was someone else she could ask, then there would be no problems.


I am the only person right now who can play the role of Sakuramiya-sensei’s fiancé.
I’d like to help, but….


“No, as expected, I don’t like that.
Please refuse her.”


Even if I were Sensei’s real boyfriend, I wouldn’t like someone keeping tabs on our conversation all the time during the date.


“Mom is only supposed to observe our date from a distance and listen in on our conversation through the speakers, which will be connected through a microphone on my dress.
Originally this was supposed to be kept a secret from Segawa-kun.”


“Please don’t proceed on anything without my permission.”


“That’s why Segawa-kun has to act naturally as my boyfriend all the time.”


“I’m even more demotivated! Why are you trying to discourage someone who is already unmotivated?”


It seems that rather than accompanying us on our date, she will observe us from afar while keeping a reasonable distance and lurk in our conversation.


Even though I don’t want her to be next to us all the time, I can’t accept such a thing.


“Don’t say that.
I can’t back down.”


With teary eyes, she asked me for help.
And I was weak in front of such gestures.


Aftering pondering about it for a while, I let out a sigh and replied…


Haah, I will let it slide one last time.
Please don’t let this kind of situation happen again.”




“But, there is only one condition.”




“If possible, please postpone the date to a later day, is that okay?”


“Yes, leave it to me!”


I wonder if I can rest assured or not, but I have no choice but to trust in Sensei for now,


If the date is postponed to a later date, then Sakuramiya-sensei might find a fiancé till then.
That is the only ideal situation that can be considered for now.


“Even if it is impossible, I would like to postpone anything I don’t want to get involved with.


“By the way, are you taking part in the marriage activities properly?”


“I-I’m doing it properly…?”


“Please look into my eyes.”


“I-I am.”


“Can I trust you?”


“I’m sorry, it’s a lie.
I’m not making any progress at all.
The more I tried to do it, the more my attention diverted to other things, and yesterday, I was reading manga!”


She’s starting to sound like a student who is running away from giving a test.


“Please do it properly.
Otherwise, it’s not worth helping you out.”


“Yes, yes…… I’ll do it.”


It’s no longer the case here that who is the teacher and who is the student.
That’s how Sensei’s current condition is.
I had to reprimand her for the little things.


Well, I understand the feeling of wanting to escape from troublesome things, but as much as I would hate it I will have to take care of this problem anyhow.


Better yet, if someone who could really cherish Sakuramiya-sensei appears the better…


And suddenly a certain man crossed my mind. 


“Oh, that’s right.”


“Hmm? What’s wrong?”


“I think I know someone who likes you, Sensei.”




She opened her mouth wide while repeatedly blinking her eyes, seemingly confused about what I was saying.


I looked back in her curiosity filled eyes and said…


“Would you like to go see him after school hours?”

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