After playing some crane games and even winning some of them, we headed to the movie theater. 

To be honest, I thought that the movie theater was a service stage.

For nearly two hours, I could concentrate on the images being projected on the movie screen.
As the surroundings were dark, I didn’t have to force myself to flirt.

I would like to question the acting ability of the main actors, but if you have a Buddha-like mind, you can’t help but watch it.

But guess what?

The couples in the movie theater were flirting with each other all over the place.
That was so annoying to see.

The atmosphere was as sweet as the movie itself, but my body was still stiff, unable to move even an inch.

The reason? Right now, Sakuramiya-sensei was sleeping peacefully with her head resting on my shoulder.
No, this romance movie is certainly not funny, but I must not sleep.

The sweet fruity aroma filled my nostrils.

To begin with I don’t have a high immunity to women.

Thanks to my cousins living with me at my house, I have built a little resistance, but… in the end it was futile.
I can’t get used to it at all.

I had been acting out the situation and was sticking close to Dr.
Sakuranomiya, but my current state is a product of her unconsciousness.
Even if I didn’t want to, my heart rate would rise.

Until just a little while ago, I was close to Sakuramiya-sensei because I thought she was acting.
But now that she is unconsciously sleeping, my heart rate has gone absurdly high.

It might be similar to when a woman rests her shoulder on a train.
But it’s so exciting, isn’t it? … And somehow I was also drifting to the dreamlands.

Anyway, I can’t remember the content of the movie at all, because Sakuramiya-sensei smelled really good, so my brain was in a mess.

Please end it now. 

That’s what I quietly thought as I saw a man and woman in school uniforms unfolding their youth development on the huge screen.


[Point of View] Kaede Ayase :

“I’m sorry, Minato-kun fell asleep… And I couldn’t understand the content of the movie at all.”

“It’s okay.
Yumi was so cute.
I was watching her sleeping face the whole time, ignoring the movie.”

“Really? Well it’s embarrassing.”

“Yumi is so cute when she’s embarrassed.”

“Oh, stop it, please…”

“So you don’t want me to tell you?”

“No, I want you to tell me.”

“You’re not being honest, you know.”

“… What a waste of money!”

We had the best seats in the movie theater, where we could watch the movie together without being exposed to the audience that we were eavesdropping on.
Right now Yumi-san and Kiyoka-san were conversing on the phone.

And as I watched the couple from afar, flirting without paying any heed to their surroundings.

As expected I shouldn’t have followed them to the movie theater (as it would have costed a lot of money), but Kiyoka-san paid for our seats,

But guess what?

It looked like Mi-kun and Yumi-san didn’t enjoy the movie at all, I wonder why they came to watch it though?

I watched the movie all the way through and was on the verge of crying…

“Onee-chan, I am sleepy.”

As I suppressed my jealousy by chewing on my handkerchief, Shi-chan, whose eyelids were heavy, leaned against me.
She was apparently bored by the contents of the movie as the movie was not for kids.

“Oh, it looks like you will be in a bit of trouble.
Should I call a cab?”

it’s okay.
We don’t need a cab.”

Kiyoka-san made a thoughtful suggestion.

But I was still a Junior-High school student, so I didn’t have much allowance.

“Really? I will pay for the fare of the cab.”

“No, it’s okay.
It looks bad that you will have to pay for us.”

“You don’t have to be so modest.
If it’s Minato’s relative, I don’t care how much money I will have to pay.”

“Haah, It’s really okay.”

Kiyoka-san paid for our movie tickets and even paid for the popcorn and drinks.

And I don’t want to cause any more trouble for her.

Shi-chan also seems to be on her limit, if we continue to follow them any longer, my brain won’t be able to handle it.
Let’s go home.

“I’m going home now… Thank you very much for today.

I held Shi-chan’s hand firmly and bowed my head saying goodbye.

“I hope we can meet again somewhere.
I wonder if it will be during their wedding day.”

“It’s not auspicious.”

“Ara, but weeding is a happy occasion isn’t it?”

“No, it’s completely different.
It’s just h**l.”

Just the thought of Mi-kun’s wedding with some other women makes me sick, with a disgusted expression I pulled Shi-chan’s hand.

“Bye-bye, Kiyoka-san.”

“See you later, Shiina-chan.”

Shiichan, her eyes half open, waved at Kiyoka-san.

I bowed my head once more and headed for home.

I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep today.
The way back home felt a little longer and it was really tense.

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