“Hey Yumi-nee.
Tell me about this as well.”

“Well, that’s…”

Few hours passed and It was now evening.

In the living room, Sakuramiya-sensei is teaching Kaede on her weak topics

Sakuramiya-sensei is the current Japanese teacher in our high school.
It seems other than Japanese she can also teach Maths and English, also covering the topics which are being taught in Junior High School.

You may be confused by the sudden jump in time, but, well, I don’t really need to tell you the results.

If I were to rank them both on whom I liked more, Kaede or Sakuramiya-sensei.
I couldn’t really choose Kaede because selecting her will make Sensei lose their bet and according to their deal I would have to step down as her fiancé.

It would be a welcome development for me, but it is in my nature not to abandon a role that I have already accepted once.

So Kaede, who was successfully defeated by Sakuramiya-sensei, fulfilled the deal they made and finally started calling her Yumi-nee.

“Shina is disappointed.
I was hoping there would be more chaos between them.

“Seriously, where did you learn those words from?”

On the sofa, Shi-chan, who was sitting on my lap, exhausted boringly

“However it looks like Yumi-nee and onee-chan are getting along well.”

“Really? It looks like she is just using her to complete her homework.”


Shi-chan raised her fingers in the air and moved it left to right and then back to let, showing the gesture of pendulum.

“They will soon start exchanging their contact information.”

Shi-chan predicts Kaede’s behavior.

It’s hard to believe at first hand, but let’s see how she is doing.

“Yeah, that’s it… Why not? Let’s exchange our contacts, if there’s anything you don’t understand then feel free to contact me over the phone.”

“Oh and I wonder if you will also keep me updated when the finacé act of yours is going to end.”

“Eh? I guess it’s also fine.
You can also ask me other things besides these things.”


“Hmm… So, what do you think?”

Shi-chan looked up at me with a smug look on her face.

Wow, I can’t help but be amazed, she really predicted that they will exchange the contact information.

While I was still stunned, Shi-chan continued to speak.

“It was to be expected as Yumi-nee is easy to get along with and is super friendly.”

Sakuramiya-sensei was someone easier to talk to, and she has a cheerful personality that’s why she can make friends easily.

Originally there was a purpose to mediate between both of them, but it ended up in a rather good way.

So, I thought the day was going to end peacefully, but…

It was almost dusk and time for Sakuramiya-sensei to return to her home.
But then a problem occurred.

“Ugh, it started raining.”

Sudden heavy rainfall started, and it was too strong.
If someone were to go outside even with an umbrella they would surely get drenched in the rain water.

Normally it wouldn’t have been a big problem as she came here in a car, but the wind speed outside and occasional thunder sounds made the outside relatively dangerous to go back home.


“Ah, it’s there again.”


In addition to the heavy rain, there was a thunderstorm.

The sound indeed startled us a little at the start, but Shi-chan and I remained extremely calm.
The other two in the room, Kaede and Sensei, were the ones screaming.”

I don’t think thunder is something to be scared of if we are inside the house.

“Yu-Yumi-nee, hey.
It is rumbling again… again!”

“Don’t worry.
I’ll protect you… Hya!!”

The two of them are snuggling and tightly hugging each other.

The bigger problem is the Sakuramiya-sensei.

She is so scared of the thunder that she is not at all leaving her place.
At this rate it will get late and it will be dangerous to go outside alone.

I don’t know how long this thunderstorm will last….

Of course, I don’t have a driver’s license.

My aunt, Kaede’s mother, is the only one with a driver’s license right now, but she is not at home either.
Few minutes ago, we received a message from her, saying that she will be staying at a colleague’s room tonight.

“What should I do…?”

“We have no choice but to keep Yumi-nee at our home.”

“No, that’s— Oh, come to think of it, we can call a cab or something.”

“Nah, It’s a waste of money.”

“But as expected, it’s not a good idea for me to stay here for the night.”

We have an unused room, and we can let her stay at our house without any problem.
But is it a good idea?

“Hey, Yumi-nee, I can’t sleep alone tonight.hey.
Why don’t you accompany me?”

“But, I have to go home.”

Can you really go home in this thunderstorm?”

“Absolutely not!”

Kaede and Sakuramiya-sensei are still hugging each other.

Seeing the scene, Shi-chan also raised her concern.

“If Yumi-nee will go then onee-chan will be annoying me the whole night.”

I pinched the bridge of my nose while listening to her reasoning.

No matter what you think of it, Sakuramiya-sensei has to go back to her house.
And if she goes there by a cab, she will have to come tomorrow to get her car back.
Which is troublesome and time consuming.

By the time the thunderstorm is over, it will be late at night.
I guess there’s no point in forcing her to go home.

I let out a small sigh and headed towards Sensei.

“Sakuramiya-sensei, please stay for the night.”

“Huh? But…”

“Listen, you can’t go home in this chaotic weather.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes and please take care of Kaede for the night.”

“No, no, I’ll be the one who will take care of Yumi-nee… hiee!!!”

The sound of thunder rang again, and Kaede tightened her hug on Sensei.

Back when we were the only ones here, and there was a thunderstorm outside, Kaede would secretly crawl into my futon because of the fear.

The thunderstorms make it hard for Kaede to sleep at night.

It would not be a problem for a child who is not yet old enough, but Kaede is already in the second year of junior high school.

Even though we are cousins, it is not a good idea for a high school student and a junior high student to sleep together.
At this point, it would be better to have Sakuramiya-sensei stay over and sleep with her.

“Then, may I take you at your word?”

“Yes, please do so.”

I smiled softly and went to the kitchen to cook dinner for the four of us.

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