“Segawa-kun, say ahh…”

“Ah, I’ll be the next one.
Come on, Mi-kun, this way.”

“No, I’m almost at my limit… Not anymore.”

Well, as you might have guessed, I chose neither to get fed from any of them..

Kaede and Shinozuka-san were sitting on my either side with one hand holding their Bento’s while the hand was raised toward me as both of them were trying their best to feed me, it became like a competition where none of them wanted to back down.

As I have already eaten a lot before Kaede and Shi-appeared before us.
My stomach was full to its brim because of the persistent nature of Shinozuka-san who was forcefully feeding me while using the after effects of the roller coaster ride as a scapegoat of her actions.

As both of them were snuggling to me, from the outside perspective, it surely must be an enviable sight.

Shinozuka-san being the most beautiful girl in the school, and Kaede who by appearance is very pretty and cute for a junior high school student.
And right now I was being fed by these beauties, so it is no wonder that they would be jealous of me.

However, for me who was actually suffering in this situation, my situation was nothing but harsh as they weren’t even letting me speak a word.

And the embarrassment of being fed directly, while the passersby who were gazing at us made the situation even worse for me as their stares hurted like I was being pierced by hundreds of needles.

While I was desperately trying to figure out how to overcome this situation, Shi-chan, with a twinkle in her eyes and a carefree smile on her face, said,

“Even though you are in this situation, you are considerate enough to not hurt their feelings.
That’s impressive of you.”

I felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest.

But I wonder why the usual Shi-chan who would help me escape from any tough situation wouldn’t help me now.

“Segawa-kun, you are the enemy of all the men out there.”

“It’s no laughing matter.”

“Well, you don’t have a choice either.”

‘I’m sorry.”

“I’m not blaming you.
Instead it’s one of your good points, Segawa-kun.”


She is really kind by nature.
She is very amiable and always smiles without hurting anyone’s feelings.

I can’t really find any flaws in her.
She is an outgoing person and can easily befriend anyone.
I guess good-natured people still exist in this world.

I was slightly impressed, I saw Kaede staring at me with an expressionless face, but her eyes told another story.

“Mizuna-chan, you’re trying to gain Mi-kun’s favor, aren’t you?”

Huh? No, that’s not what I meant… And Kaede-chan, your way of calling Mi-kun is kinda cute, isn’t it? I think I will also call Segawa-kun the same from now on.”

“No! That’s only my privilege.
You cannot imitate me.”

“Y-Yeah, that’s right.
So, shall I call you Minato-kun then?”

Shinozuka-san glanced at me and called me by my name.
Her expectant eyes which were gazing at me unconsciously made my heart skip a beat.

“No, no you can’t do that.
Why are you calling him by his first name all of a sudden?”

While I was still embarrassed that she nonchalantly called me by my first name, Kaede protested in disapproval.

Shinozuka-san turned her head slightly and her brownish eyes focused on me.

“Hey, Segawa-kun can’t I also call you by your name?”

“Well, I guess it’s fine.”

“I see, then from now on I will call you Minato-kun.
Hehe~ it somehow feels good.”

“Yeah, it will be alright.”

“And why are you still honorifics? You can call me by my first name as well.”

“Eh? Are you sure?”

“Yeah, we’ve been together since the first grade of high school, so I think it’s time we started calling each other by our first names.”

“Well, then… um… Mizuna.”

“…Ah it’s quite embarrassing now that I think of it.”

Shinozuka-san’s cheeks turned to a vermillion shade as she embarrassedly scratched it with her index finger.
The same was for me as well as I was not at all used to calling girls of my age with their given name.

The air was somehow filled with a sense of uneasiness.
Kaede, who was listening to the conversation between us, suddenly made her move.

Suddenly, she shoved a chunk of meat into my mouth.

“Eat it.


I wonder why she forcefully put the meatball in my mouth and on top of it why she was yelling its name.
Because I was not ready for it, I choked and coughed because of loss of air.

Shinozuka-san who was just beside me noticed me choking, she hurriedly rubbed my back with a concerned expression on her face.

“Are you okay?”

“Hmph! It’s Mi-kun’s fault.”

“I wonder what I did wrong to get punished so harshly?”

Kaede snorted in dissatisfaction and averted her gaze, then she quickly stood while trying to run away from the situation in which she was indeed guilty.

“Look, the lunch is over so let’s go on some rides.”

“Sure, let’s do that.”

My stomach was already at its limit, so I was grateful for Kaede’s suggestion.
And when Shinozuka-san saw me agreeing to her words she hurriedly put the lunch box back in her bag.

While she was still holding my hand, I sighed and both of us stood from the bench.
Shinozuka-san tilted her head and asked curiously.

“What are we going to ride?”

“Before we think about it, can you take your hands off from Mi-kun first, Mizuna-chan?”

“I’m still feeling the after effects of the roller coaster.”

“Heeh… So you are still going to stick to it.
Then I guess it will be fine for you to hold my hand right?”

“…I don’t have a problem with that.”

Shinozuka-san’s cheeks twitched a little but after thinking about it for a while she reluctantly left my hand free and held onto Kaede’s hand.

“…Ugh, it hurts.”

“Ara, Is that so? I guess I should hold onto Minato-kun’s hand then.”

“It’s okay, it doesn’t hurt that much.”

“Kaede-chan, are you going to get revenge on me?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Looks like you won’t answer me.”

Kaede and Shinozuka-san held each other’s hands firmly with awkward smiles on their faces.

While I was looking at this spectacle with a bit of confusion lingering in my mind, Shi-chan who was next to me tugged on my hand sleeves and said in a low voice which only I could hear.

“Please hold my hand tightly Minato-nii.”

“Hmm? Sure…”

I gently grasped her small and soft left hand.

She looked a little nervous, but when she got in touch with the familiar warmth her cheeks loosened in a relaxed smile, and she continued.

“Actually, Yumi-nee is also here.”

What? Sakuramiya-sensei is here too… but where?”

I looked around, but I couldn’t see anyone who looked like her.

“I think it will be a good idea to call her out, or else both of them quarrel for the whole day.”

“…Did she also accompany both of you?”

“Something like that.
She is probably a loner, so she will be very happy when she sees you Minato-nii.”

“But if you all came together then why is she not with you?”

It looks like Sakuramiya-sensei also came with both of them, so she should be acting as their guardian for the meantime so why has she abandoned her role?

While I was perplexed, Kaede turned around to me.

“Mi-kun, Shi-chan, let’s go.”

Even though I was feeling uneasy in my heart, I took Shi-chan’s hand and walked towards where Kaede and Shinozuka-san were.

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