fortunately she is someone who can read the atmosphere and act accordingly.”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I didn’t do such a thing.”


“That’s a lie.
I clearly saw it.’


“Ah, that’s right, at that time I was blowing something that was stuck on her bangs.
Maybe you misunderstood and thought I was kissing her?”


“That couldn’t be…”


Shinozuka-san’s voice gradually becomes dejected.


In reality, Shinozuka-san’s memory is correct.
However, she seems to have lost confidence in her recollection after hearing my explanation.
And that was when things started to turn in our favor.


“Sakuramiya-sensei, is it really true that there’s nothing going on between Minato-kun and you?”


“No, there’s nothing.
Like Seigawa-kun said, we just met here coincidentally.
I’m sorry for causing so many misunderstandings.”


“Is that so? Then, why did Minato-kun confess to you at the cultural festival?”


“Well, th-that’s…’


I didn’t expect this follow-up question.


At that time, I couldn’t think of any other way to do it.


While I’m wondering how I should answer, Shi-chan, who has been reading the atmosphere until now, changes the color of her eyes.


“Such an interesting event happened and Shiina didn’t know about it…!”


“No way, after I get home I will interrogate him… Yumi-nee, I took her too lightly.
I will have to be on guard whenever she is around.”


They’re talking about something, but it’s not loud enough for me to properly follow it up.
Let’s leave the two sisters alone in their fantasies for now.


“Ah, that was just Segawa-kun helping me out.
In the end, everything worked out fine, right?”


Sakuramiya-sensei answered her question on my behalf.


“I see.
So that’s what happened…?”


But, it seems that Sakuramiya-sensei’s answer did not satisfy Shinozuka-san, as her voice dropped a level.
She was smiling, but her eyes looked really scary.


Shinozuka-san approached me and entwined my left hand with her right hand.


“I’m sorry for doubting you, Minato-kun.
Are you angry?”


“No, I’m not angry.
I’m glad that your doubts were cleared up.”


“I see.
In that case, let’s go to the haunted house together next time.


“Uhm… well…”


Shinozuka-san clinged to me even closer and she approached my hand and interlocked her fingers with mine.


Sakuramiya-sensei, who was watching this scene nearby, briefly looks complicated, but quickly puts on a friendly smile.


“I see.
Have fun.
I’m going home now, but don’t stay out too late, okay?”


“Yeah, bye-bye Sakuramiya-sensei.”


Shinozuka-sensei waves her hand lightly at Sakuramiya-sensei.
Even though I tried to distance myself from Shinozuka-san, it isn’t that easy to do so, since she is pretty strong…


“Well, we are going home too.
Let’s go, onee-san.”


“Why are you deciding that on your own? I’m not ready to go yet…”


“If Shiina says so, then you have to follow my words.”


“Argh… I understand already.
Hey, stop pulling me!”


Kaede left the place while being dragged by Shi-chan.


“See you later.”


“See you later.
Bye Shi-chan and Kaede-chan,”


Shinozuka-san waved her hand with a smile.
This time it’s the same smile as always.


What was that feeling from before, where her eyes weren’t smiling? Hopefully it was just my imagination…


In any case, as a result, it’s just me and Shinozuka-san alone.


Shinozuka-san firmly grips my hand and, with a smile, brings up the subject of going to the haunted house.


“Well, let’s go to the haunted house.
I’m bad with scary things, so I’m relying on you, Minato-kun~”


“If that’s the case, it would be better not to go—”


“Let’s go!”


“Ah, wait a minute.”


Shinozuka pulled my hand and led us towards the haunted house.
Is it really true that she’s bad with scary things? If she was, she wouldn’t be this excited to go…


When we arrived at the reception, the employee looked at me with strange eyes.
It’s unclear if it’s because of the fact that we are going around the haunted house together or because we were acting so clingy with each other, but either way, the gaze was painful.
Hopefully the situation will resolve peacefully… that’s what I think.



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