“Here, ahnn~.”

“Wait a minute, Sakuramiya-sensei…”

“What, you don’t like hamburgers?”

“I do, but that’s not what I mean…”

“Come on, open your mouth.

Before I knew it, the holiday was over and it was Monday during lunchtime.

I was called to the faculty room because Sakuramiya-sensei had some work she wanted me to help with, but without any real work to do, I was just sitting in the student guidance room… again.

Sakuramiya-sensei had spread out a bento box on the table in the student guidance room and we were sitting side by side.

She’s smiling so broadly that I can’t help but wonder if there’s some ulterior motive, and she’s bringing a piece of hamburger near to my mouth.

I think it would be better for this teacher to be disciplined rather than the students.

“This is a school, you know.
Are you paralyzed or something? Just being involved with a student is considered out of bounds in the first place.
What are you trying to do, dig your own grave?”

I’ve used this student guidance room for my own purposes a lot up until now, but the relationship is a lot different now.

From now on, I need to be more careful.

If I’m found out, it could really become a troublesome problem.

“But Segawa-kun, you let Shinozuka-san feed you at the amusement park, right?”

“But that was just because it turned out that way due to the situation…”

“Even so.
I didn’t say anything at that time.
I’m very jealous and I have a lot of resentment.
I want to feed Segawa-kun too!”

“Please don’t say such things so casually.”

“Besides, no one uses the student guidance room.
It’s a safe, secret fortress where nothing will leak out.”

“Where do you get all this confidence from?… You know, carelessness can be fatal.”

I let out a small sigh in surprise.
It’s true that this student guidance room is hardly used.
I’ve come to understand that well over the past month and a half.

But if it really isn’t used, then there shouldn’t be a student guidance room at all.
If it’s being maintained, then someone might suddenly show up, or someone might pass by the room.

So meeting during lunchtime like this was a risky move.

“You’re so serious, Segawa-kun.”

“It’s because sensei is not serious at all.”

“Well, it’s my first time dating someone, you know? Do you think a 30-year-old like me can’t get excited about that?”

“It’s rare enough to be in your 30s and have zero dating experience.”

“Ugh!? That’s a low blow! Are you saying I lack empathy?”

Then Sakuramiya-sensei reached out and firmly grabbed my shoulder.
She looks at me resentfully, with tears welling up in her eyes.
“This face isn’t cute to you anymore, is it? I feel like I want to bully you…”

“Calm down, Sakuramiya.
You’re stretching out your uniform sleeves.”

“Worry about my mental state more than my uniform!”

“Alright, alright.
I understand.
Do you want me to check your chest then?”

“That’s sexual harassment! What does my chest have to do with my mental state!?”

“It has a connection… Probably.”

“There’s no proof of that!”

I let out a small sigh, I made direct eye-contact with Sakuramiya-sensei.

“Anyway, let’s get back to the topic.
Our relationship can’t be discovered.
We should avoid unnecessary contact within the school from now on.”

“Is there no other way?”

“Do you think you can get away with making those cute expressions?”

“N-no, I didn’t mean… that?”

Sakuramiya looked away and nervously broke out into cold sweat.

I kept my gaze fixed on her, not letting her escape from my view.

“Well, just this once then.
Besides, it’s rare for me to be out of class during lunchtime, so let’s not let others have suspicions about our relationship and get the matter out of our hands.”

Sakuramiya-sensei blushes slightly at my words.

“You’re sweet, Segawa-kun.”

“It’s not like I’m sweet to everyone.”

“Oh, so just to me then?”

“Well, I’m pretty sweet to Shii-chan.
She pretty much sucks all my money dry.
Oh, and I’m also sweet to Kaede-chan.
I usually do most things she asks.”

“Is that so?”

“So, I’m getting treatment like your family then?”

“You can interpret it however you like.”

“I see… hehe~”

Sakuramiya blushes slightly and mutters to herself.
She looks at the table as if remembering something and picks up her chopsticks, grasping the hamburger which she was trying to feed me earlier.

“Here, eat up.
I woke up early to make it for you.”

I was really impressed that she, who doesn’t like doing housework, will go out of her daily routine to make them for me, so I helplessly shook my head and ate the hamburger that she brought up to my mouth.
Sakuramiya-sensei watched me with a smile on her face.

“Is it good?”

But please don’t overdo it, being a teacher is tiring.
What would you do if you broke your body?”

“It’s okay.
I have more vitality than I look.
I played softball until high school, you know.”

“Even so.
You’re already an adult, you should take better care of your body.”

“An adult… Well, I’m still in my early 30s.
I’m still young… and…”

What should I do? I feel like I just said something unnecessary.
Sakuramiya-sensei looked downcast, with tears in her eyes.
Just looking at her made my chest ache in an indescribable pain.

As I watched over her, Sakuramiya-sensei looked at me with a desperate gaze.

“Isn’t it painful to stay silent? Say something.”

“Er, well, um… You’re still young, Sakuramiya-sensei.”

“That kind of follow-up is painful for this maiden’s heart.”

“What should I do then?”

It seems like I’ll have to avoid talking about age related matters from the next time I’m with her.
That’ll be best for of our futures.

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