Seeing Wang Jing forehead began to sweat heavily Butler Fang grab his hand panickly and start to asking about his health whether he feels anything wrong.

”I…I…Im alright, it just that I feel a bit hungry ” he Stutter as fear grasping his heart when Fang Mingzhi holding his hand out of concern of his well being.

”Ah I see, then please sit here first and eat this chocolate bar first ” Butler Fang say as he pulled a luxury chair decorated with pearl and gemstone, suited for higher classes people and a chocolate bar wrapped in golden leaf.

The strange thing is, he pulled out this two things out of thin air like a magician performing his trick.

Wang Jing was sure that there is no other room beside the bedroom he just come out and the nearest door is about 30 meter from where he standing and he was sure as hell he see no strings attached to this chair nor the chocolate that can be pull from far away.

Fuck! Not only he is physically strong, he even know magic! Wang Jing shouted in his mind.

Seeing this scene his brain short circuit and he stunned for a while.

”Young master? ”

”Young master are you alright? ”

Butler Fang asked him worriedly.

”Ye.. ”

”Yes im fine ”

Butler Fang question wake him up from his dazed state and he sit on the chair without thinking.

Although this luxury chair is inlaid with gemstone, he feel no discomfort what so ever sitting on it, he even feels that he is sitting on cloud right now.

Shaking his head, he try to calm his mind with the chocolate bar that Butler Fang give him.

Surprisingly the chocolate bar taste like normal chocolate after all thing he saw and felt since his wake up.

This make his mind much calmer and fear slowly depart from his heart.

After eating half of the chocolate bar he finally gain back his confidence and calm mind.

But what he did not realize that after he done eating the chocolate bar his high increase by 1 cm out of nowhere.

Slowly, he standing up from the luxury chair and asked the Butler Fang to bring him to kitchen.

”Mr Fang , let go to kitchen first ” he say and waiting for the middle-aged butler to lead him to kitchen as he know no shit about this place.

”Young master ” Fang Mingzhi did not move instead he push his hand forward as if asking to given something.

Looking at the butler palm, he then remember that he still holding half chocolate bar.

”Here ” Wang Jing say as he put the chocolate bar on the butler hand.

”I will keep this for now, young master ” Fang Mingzhi say as he god know how making the both half eaten chocolate bar and luxury chair gone with a puff.


”Kitchen… now? ” Wang Jing say as he shallow his chocolate mixed saliva.

”In a moment young master, we need to get you dressed first ”

”Its my duties to take care of your well-being and fulfill your basic need ”

Say Fang Mingzhi with his signature sun like smile.

Hearing what Butler Fang say Wang Jing can be helped but to raise his eyebrows, as for him this silk boxers already consider a normal cloth in his house.

Yes he is that type of guy that wearing only boxers in his house and wonder around the house without even give a damn about other people opinion, beside his big brother and sister in law did not mind it, even both his nephew and niece got use to him only wearing boxers.

As for the maids and butlers of the house, they also already used to him wearing only boxers, he only wearing proper clothing when they have visitors.

He wanted to rebuke this middle-age butler but when he remembers what this guy can do, he become a bit scared.

As if Butter Fang can read his mind he say

”Young master, I know that this boxers is consider an improvement compared to when you were kid and used to walk with non of it in the house without caring, but this is Master Wang order to not let you walking around without a proper clothing ”

Fuck! This Butler know too much!

He even remember that he used to walk around naked in the house when he were 10 years old!

”Fine… Bring me to my closet then, I can find anything in the bedroom aside from this boxers ” Wang Jing say as he trying to change the topic from someone walking naked around the house.

If he not change the topic he pretty sure this butler of his gonna talk about his Dao of elephant.

”Please follow me young master ” the middle-aged butler say as he walk in front him.

Walking towards his closet Wang Jing look around and find that the ceiling is more than 11 meter above his head.

Damn!!! How tall is this house!!! He exclaimed in his mind.

”Young master, we are here ” Fang Mingzhi said.

Shocking with his finding about the ceiling high he didn realize that he already arrived at in front a door 30 meters away from the bedroom he come out from.

”Hmm ” Wang Jing nodded his head and proceed to open the door.

”Let me, young master ” Butler Fang stopped Wang Jing hand and opened the door himself and enter first.

”Welcome Young Master ”

”Welcome Young Master ”

”Welcome Young Master ”

”Welcome Young Master ”

”Welcome Young Master ”

As soon as Wang Jing follow Fang Mingzhi into the room he is greeted by five young women in maid attire bowing theirs head 90 degree towards him.

”Hm ” nodded his head nonchalantly he looking at inside of the room and find it that this whole room that size of tennis courts is filled with his clothes ranging from expensive to cheapest but still within radius of luxury compared to normal people clothes.

Big sis really can listen to people can she?

Shaking his head helplessly he can help but mutterd in his head.

He is not surprised because his big brother and sister also have this sized of closet and with closet maids.

He refused to own one because to him this is waste of money, forgetting that he just buy antique cauldron that cost 500,000 yuan on whim just because he wanted to refine a pill.

”Young master, what clothes would you like to wear today? ” Ask one of the maid with soft voice.

”Modern Hangfu will be nice ” he reply

”For the colour? ” The maid asked again.

”Red will do ” He answer while still looking at the clothes brand and find it a bit weird, because they look like luxury brand clothing but he never saw any of this brand on internet nor a tv commercial.

”Yes young master ” the maids begin to search for red modern hanfu.

It took about two minutes for five of them to find the clothes.

When they already find the clothes Wang Jing still looking and thinking about the brand but his thinking is disturbed when he saw a maid with dog tail kneeling right in front his crotch.

”Wait! what are you doing?! ” Shocked by what he see Wang Jing shouted in confusion.

”Ch… Chan..changing your clothes, young master ” scared by Wang Jing shout the dog tailed maid stutter.

”You don need to do that, I can do it myself ” realizing that he scare the poor maid Wang Jing say softly.

But to his surprise, his soft tone voice make all five of the maid face pale and they knee down in instant and kowtow hitting theirs head on the floor repeatedly.

”Young master, please don kick me out! ”

”Young master, please don kick me out! ”

”Young master, please don kick me out! ”

”Young master, please don kick me out! ”

”Young master, please don kick me out! ”

Looking at the maids hitting their heads on floor while begging him to not kick them out make him even confused.

”Stand up! ” He shouted at them to make them stand up but they did not stand up instead they banging their head more harder and begging him to not kick them out.

Looking at the maids refused to stand up, Wang Jing have no choice but to look at Butler Fang with a face that asking for help.

Seeing his young master looking at him, Butler Fang can helped but to shake his head and say ”Young master, I can help you this time ”

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