s? That—”


Diana suddenly stopped.




Sophie looked back at Diana who fell behind.


Diana faltered and pulled at Sophie’s skirt, dragging her to hide into a corner.


‘Lord Hauzen!’


It was Atticia Bordeaux’s fiance.
Roman Hauzen.


He was the second child of a wealthy Baron family, who got engaged to Atticia at a young age.
Atticia, who had exchanged letters with Lord Hauzen since childhood, was looking forward to meeting him.


The reason why she knew all of this was because she was once Atticia’s friend.


Lord Hauzen stood there with a bunch of young people his age.
He looked like a typical nobleman or knight because of his fancy clothes and the sword around his waist.
Their energetic laughter reached all the way to where they were.


“Miss? What’s the matter?”


“Sophie, let’s go take another road.”


Looking at Diana’s pale complexion, Sohpie asked in surprise.


“Your face… Miss, are you okay?”


“Yes, I’m fine.”


Lord Hauzen occasionally visited the Bordeaux mansion under the name of spending time with his fiance, and Diana avoided him as much as possible.  


However, even with her efforts, she would always run into him.
Every time they met, he scanned her with his snake-like eyes.


Even if she told the people around her she disliked his gaze, the words that always came back to her was,



[It’s because you’re pretty.
What else can you do? I envy you, having the attention of a noblem—]



It was always the same words.
But Diana had never once thought of it as a compliment. 


“There’s a person that I dislike running into.”


Through the alley, she hurriedly headed home, completely unnoticed by Lord Hauzen.
As they approached they saw Donatella talking with someone.


“Sophie? How come you’re together with the Miss?”


“I ran into her on my way here.”


“Great job.
Ah, Miss.
This person said that he definitely had to meet with you, so he stayed here, waiting.”


It was the person who had talked with Hermann at the bank.
Why did he come to find her? Diana tilted her head.




The middle-aged man greeted politely with his hat in front of his chest.




The middle-aged man was full of sweating even though the temperature wasn’t that high.


“I’m sorry for coming without an appointment.
I was in a hurry and was impolite.”


“How did you know about this place?”


Diana stayed on guard while she petted Sky.


“I found out when I was dealing with Miss Diana’s transfer of property.
The same goes for your name.
I didn’t mean to.
There’s simply some things that I can’t help but find out when I work.”


“I see.
But, what brings you here?”


“Um, by any chance, may I know where the person who became Miss Diana’s guardian went?”




The man, who was exhaling, coughed.


W-well, s-so that’s how you call him.
I have something that I have to deliver to that person.”


“But, he had already left.”


“Yes?! T-to where?”


“For me to tell you, it’s a little….”


Just then, Sophie stepped in.


“Why are you asking such things? If it’s a matter that concerns the Miss’ guardian, I’ll pass it on to my master’s wife, Countess Norvan.
Please just tell me instead.”






Diana stretched and yawned, rubbing away the tears caused by this action.
She then hugged Sky who was under the bed, flapped her blanket and arranged her sheets.
She pulled her pillow upright before going into the bathroom to wash up.


After getting out of the bath, she smelled something delicious.
Diana familiarly setted the pots, tablecloths, cups, and utensils.
Soon after, Donatella put the food on a plate and came out of the kitchen.


A delicious golden pancake with melted butter on top of it appeared in front of her.
Beside it were scrambled eggs made fluffy with milk, a grilled sausage, and pea soup.
The breakfast menu was exquisite.


“There’s also raspberry syrup here Miss.”


Sophie pushed a glass bottle in front of Diana.


The bottle containing raspberries boiled with sugar and honey smelled sweet.
Diana took a big spoonful of the raspberry syrup.


“Why do you think that Mister came here yesterday?”


“I also wonder.
Why was he digging up Miss’ address just because he had nothing to do? It’s completely suspicious.”


Diana let out a small laugh.


“I’ve already sent the Countess a call right away, you don’t have to worry about it.
If by any chance you’re still worried, I’ll request for a strong servant to come. Sophie, why in the world are you telling such things to the Miss?”


Donatella came out of the kitchen and was immediately called out by Diana.


“Donatella, stop working and eat.”


“I’ll just take care of this real quick.”


Donnatella laid down a brass bowl before Sky.
It was filled with raw meat, finely chopped and lamb’s milk.
Sky licked the lamb’s milk first before chewing on the meat.


Donatella’s cooking was as good as Mrs.
There was no such thing like the sweet and fancy dessert that Miss Atticia ate, but it was enough.


After she had eaten breakfast, Diana left home with a letter that she had written last night.
The early morning streets were still full of hazy fog, and the bell from the temple bell tower had just rung.

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