“Madam, did you call me?”


It was the Madam who was in the middle of welcoming a guest.
The guest sitting in the drawing room was a man who they had never seen before.


‘Who is it?’


The Baroness of Bordeaux looked uncomfortable somewhere.


But, on the contrary, the man looked quite pleasant.
The man was fiddling with his luxurious suit and had a stylish mustache.
When he saw the Head Maid, he smiled.


“Are you the Head Maid of The Bordeaux mansion?”


I’m the Head Maid.
How may I help you?”


The man shook his head and spoke in a plain tone, as if he was only talking about the weather.


“You have been charged with embezzlement and fraud.”




The Head Maid doubted her own ears.


“What are you talking about?”


“Since I have already investigated it in advance, it is useless to deny it.”


“No, I mean, embezzlement? Fraud? If this is a joke, it is certainly not funny.”


The stern Head Maid denied instinctively.


However, a chill clawed at her from the very bottom of her toes.


“Does this sound like a joke to you?”


The man asked while opening his eyes clearly.


For a moment, she recalled an event.


‘Don’t tell me… No way! But how come it’s only being investigated now? That was years ago!’


“I don’t know.”


“If you’re denying it, then I suppose I’ll tell you.”


“What are you talking—”


“Do you admit that you siphoned off April’s fortune? The very April who worked at the Bordeaux mansion as a tutor?”


The Head Maid urgently looked at the Madam.


“Madam! What kind of situation is this right now….!”


But the Madam’s expression was firm.
No, rather she was even glaring at her.
For a moment, the Head Maid, who was suffocated, puffed up.


“Do you admit it?”


“…Who- Who the hell set up such ridiculous false charges?”


The Head Maid’s voice became fierce.


What kind of stupid bastard was fighting a Baron over an orphan girl?


Yeah! It was true that she siphoned off April’s fortune. 


However, the Baroness of Bordeaux caught her when she was stealing it.


But, funny enough, the Baroness of Bordeaux didn’t tell her to return the inheritance to Diana.
Rather, instead of just turning a blind eye to it, she even demanded to get a part of the inheritance.
The Head Maid was forced to hand over 70% to the Baroness of Bordeaux.


When she had to pass it over, she was sad, but she believed in one thing.


That the Baroness and herself were now on the same boat.
If the Head Maid was dragged away, the Baroness could not avoid responsibility, too.
When the Baroness became her backing, the Head Maid became more confident.


The Baroness of Bordeaux kept Diana in the mansion just in case she would talk nonsense.
And when no one was looking, she finally kicked her out.
But as soon as she kicked her out, this happened!


“Who accused me of doing such things?”


Don’t tell me, it’s Diana?


However, at the Head Maid’s question, a voice answered back as if it was laughable.


“If you knew that information, then what would you do with it?”




“Are you going to contract someone to kill the person?”


“Yes? W-what kind of—”


“It was a joke.”




The man laughed like he was having fun.


But the Head Maid, and the Baroness, didn’t feel like laughing at all.


“You don’t have to be curious or upset, because the accusation came from someone that you can’t even dare to imagine.”


The man gulped down the lukewarm tea water. Hm, it’s cheap.


At a noble mansion, the tea would never be of low price because it would be served to guests.
But, to a person who worked under the archipelago–no, the continent’s richest man, it was nothing but a cheap cup of tea.


That was the truth.
Baron’s Head Maid was somewhat….
Even if this was a Baron household, they were dealing with Ohrid, who could crush Barons with a single finger.


It was absurd that Count Ohrid’s professional lawyer, himself visited this smelly country estate.


At first, he tried to get people to handle it roughly.



[As expected, they siphoned off the inheritance.]


[It seems like the Baroness is her backing.]



It was the Little Young Master, who had vanished from his official seat for several days, who ordered him to do so.
Numerous rumors had poured over the head of Ohrid’s heir.


However, the Little Young Master, who ordered the investigation, was calm as if he did not care about the rumors.
Even indifferent to the report of the girl’s miserable past that he received.



[First, focus on handling the maid and tracking down the inheritance.
I’ll leave the Baroness alone for now.]



And, that Young Master gave the orders ‘personally’.



[You have to do it perfectly.]



He used the word ‘perfect’.
It meant that if he made a mistake, it wasn’t the Head Maid or the Baron of this countryside’s head who would fly away, but rather his own.


Nevertheless, it was strange.


An Ohrid and a single mother who just died.
And he’s interested in the legacy of an ordinary orphan girl?


The inheritance was insignificant compared to any property of the Ohrids.
Of course, it was a little too much for a single mother who was a commoner.
But, it would be nothing but dust if compared to Ohrid.


It was unpleasant as he may know or not know about something.
But whatever the Young Master’s purpose, it had nothing to do with him.
He only needed to carry out what he was told to do.


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