Soon after, anyone could tell by the way that he quickly approached, that Grandmother was his purpose.


Grandmother clicked her tongue.


“Oh my, who is this?”


“…Count Norvan.”


Diana was surprised and looked at the man.


It was the household that sent her a maid.
They didn’t know each other because it was through Hermann, but the encounter here was surprising.


“To think that I would meet a noble who’s so hard to meet in here… What brings you all the way here? I hope that you are feeling better now?”


“You don’t have to care about it.”


Grandma said, her tone surprisingly cold.


Would it be fine acting that way towards a Count? 


Diana opened her mouth lightly.


However, Count Norvan laughed, as if it wasn’t unpleasant at all.


“You’re still the same.
What about the Esteemed Mother?”


“Well, the same as always.”


The two looked very close to each other.
Diana could not hide her bewilderment.


With a slightly bitter face, Count Norvan said.


“Well, age can’t be helped.
Is Senir busy these days? I couldn’t see his figure.
I heard that the meeting with the Ministry of Finance was also delayed.”


“I don’t know.”


Grandmother replied back indifferently.


Count Norvan forced out a smile and nodded toward Diana.


“Who is this?”


“If you don’t have anything to do, you can get going now.”


Grandmother cut the question straight away.


“So, I can’t ask anything.
Well, alright.
Please send my greetings to the Esteemed Mother and your Husband.”


Count Norvan backed down easily, unlike when he first approached.
As they moved away from Count Norvan, Grandmother opened her mouth again.


“I didn’t introduce you because you’re not ready yet, so don’t be disappointed.”


It was a sweet voice that made it seem like it was a different person who had been talking to Count Norvan just now.


“It takes a lot of preparation to announce your existence.”


After thinking about what she meant, Diana realized that she was sorry for not introducing Diana to Count Norvan earlier.


“I’m fin—”


Diana couldn’t finish her sentence.




A panoramic view of the Imperial Capital unfolded in front of Diana, who exited the building.


Large tall buildings with fancy decorations.
Dozens of fancy carriages filled the main street, with people casually crossing between running carriages.


As she raised her head, four towers covered with gold stood tall over the other buildings, with white marble pillars and pointed roofs.


“Here is the Imperial Capital….”


“Is this your first time at the Imperial Capital?”


This is my first time.”


Diana couldn’t hide her excited voice.


“If it is indeed your first time then the Imperial Capital will be fascinating for you.
I’ll tell them to guide you later.”




“Of course.”


To think she could go sightseeing at the Imperial Capital! She was excited just imagining it.
She didn’t expect that she could ever sightsee the Imperial Capital in her entire life!


With a cane made of ivory white wood, Grandmother stood up from the wheelchair.
Diana opened her eyes wide.


‘So it’s not that she can’t move her legs at all…’


Diana noticed that one leg looked uncomfortable.
Grandmother slowly got into the carriage with the help of a maid.
Diana followed in a hurry.


“Let’s have a meal first.”


In a blink of an eye, the carriage arrived at its destination.


Before getting off the wagon, Grandmother put a hood on her.
For some reason, her cheeks turned red, feeling shy.
Grandmother stroked her head as if she was cute.


It was when Diana, who got off the wagon, passed through the marble pillar at the entrance of the building with her grandmother.
A click sound was heard from somewhere.




Diana stopped and looked around.
Grandmother said with a thin voice.


“You don’t need to care about it.
It’ll be taken care of.”




At that time, a shout came from the corner of the building’s flower garden.


“…Is everything about Reed? I’m going to sue you!” 


Grandmother didn’t give a single glance to where the shout came from.
Diana, who was looking around, followed her grandmother’s urging.


As she entered the building, she saw a sign saying [Teysllo].
Diana approached the restaurant, and groaned when she saw the sign on the handle.



[Break Time until 17:00]



“Grandmother, right now, here is—”


However, unlike her, Grandmother opened the door without hesitation.


‘Is it okay for us to enter?’ 


Diana followed belatedly.


The manager, who was organizing the list at the counter, looked up at the sound of the door opening.
The manager told the girl and maid who entered the store.


“I’m sorry, but it is preparation time for dinner so—”


The manager, who was manning the counter, paused.
There was one more person.
An old woman in a wheelchair.




The surprised manager covered his mouth.


‘Is it really Count Ohrid?’


The manager’s eyes grew as if they were going to pop out immediately.


‘No, I mean, why is Count Ohrid here?’


“Can’t we have a meal even if it’s a simple one?”


“…Uhm, Yes.
Of course! Surely! It’s possible.”


Even if it was impossible, they had to make it possible.


“Would you mind waiting for a while? I’ll call an employee to guide you to your seat.”


It’ll be great if we don’t have to wait too long.”


Cold sweat formed on the manager’s forehead as he nodded firmly and backed away. 


“It’s a relief that we can have a meal.”


Count Ohrid patted Diana affectionately.
The manager, who was stepping back, doubted his own eyes.


‘What… what am I seeing right now?’


At that moment, he made eye contact with Count Ohrid.
The manager was surprised and ran again.

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