r all, the kettle is heavy.”


Diana looked back and forth at her hands.
Recently, she had gained weight so they had become a little bit better, but they were still skinny and had lots of scars.


She didn’t particularly hate to see her hands.
Since all the hands of people who worked were like that.


However, the people of Ohrid could not hide their regret whenever they saw her hands.


‘Should I wear gloves?’


Just in time, Grandmother covered her hand.


“You’re too skinny.
You have to eat a lot from now on.”


Senir, who put a teacup in front of Grandmother, asked.


“Would you like to drink it with some apricot jam?”


“Yes, I’ll have some… ah, thank you.”


The apricot jam splashed into the light pink tea water.
Senir held out the teacup to Diana.
After taking a sip, Diana opened her eyes wide.


“Is it good?”


Diana nodded.
She had always felt the tea was bitter, but when apricot jam was added, it became sweet and refreshing.


“I think jam is better than milk.”


Diana probably wouldn’t have said that if she had known that Grandmother would prepare dozens of different jams, but she had already said it.


Grandmother, who smiled happily, lifted a silver spoon.


“Since you like it, I’ll also add some in and drink it.”


Grandmother also added some jam and stirred it.
In the meantime, the tea cooled down a little and it took time for the jam to melt.


“How is it?”


“It’s not bad.
Rose jam would also go well with this tea.”


“Rose jam? You can also make jam with roses?”


While talking about various things, the butler returned.
There were also servants who followed, holding all kinds of desserts on a large silver tray.


Eclairs filled with vanilla cream that were sprinkled with sugar powder on top of its chocolate icing, mint meringues sprinkled with crushed pistachio, and pound cakes with seasonal fruits on top were first put on the table.


Next, it was Mille-Feuille, where cream and raspberries were layered between golden pastries that looked crispy yet soft just by looking at them.


In addition, sliced apple tarts, madeleines, golden-baked scones, whipped cream, and raspberry jam were placed in a pretty bowl for application.


She had never seen such splendid desserts, and in such variety too, even in the Bordeaux’s mansion.
Diana was amazed, unable to keep her eyes in one place.


“Hurry up and try some.”


Grandmother smiled happily.
Diana looked at the desserts that looked splendid, and picked one up.


Diana, who cut it into bite-sized pieces with a knife, put it in her mouth with excitement.


“How does it taste?”


The moment she chewed, the thin paste crumbled and the sweet filling leaked out and filled her mouth.


Diana, who mumbled, suddenly recalled something.


“Really… It’s so delicious.”


“Now feel free to tell the kitchen if you want to eat anything.
Since we especially hired a new dessert specialty patissier.”


“A dessert specialty, Patissier?


 Was that why there were so many desserts that came out all of a sudden?


“Yeah, they said you seem to like sweet food.”


“O-of course, I like it, but….”


To think there was a dessert specialty patissier? There was no such chef even in the Bordeaux mansion.


“I didn’t enjoy sweets, so I must have neglected that area a little.”


“No, I’m alright! You don’t have to do this muc—”


“It would be great if you don’t say that you’re burdened.”


Grandmother looked at Diana affectionately.
Diana was speechless.


“I want to do everything I haven’t done for you when I had yet to meet you.”


The butler, who was happily watching, coughed and intervened.


“It’s a relief if the Young Miss likes it, but… Soon it will be time to draw the portrait of the Young Miss.
What should we do?”


“Time flies so fast? What time is it now?”


Senir, who put down the teacup like an elegant noble, took a silver watch out of his arms and informed her of the time.


“Gasp, I’m late!”


The portrait model took about an hour, but it took another hour to change into the portrait dress and prepare her hair.


When Diana got up in a hurry, Grandmother raised her hand to block her.




“Should we tell them to rest today?”


The butler asked quickly.


Teacher Conrad, too.”




When not only the portrait but also the name of the teacher who was in charge of her class appeared, Diana’s eyes turned round.


“I’m skipping classes too?”


If you’re going to rest, surely you have to take a good rest.”


No matter how she thought about it, it seemed like she was worried about Diana falling asleep late last night.


‘I have to be careful from now on.’


No one knew what time she fell asleep before.
No one was worried.
Naturally, by itself, her heart became warm.


‘I’m so happy.’


Somehow, she felt like she was going to cry again, so she hurriedly said something else.






Diana, who tasted all the desserts, sat lazily with a full stomach.


“Are you full now?”


I can’t eat anymore.”


“Then, how about sightseeing the Imperial Capital with Senir now?”

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