Chapter 04

Translated by EunEun
Edited by eris421


“What are you mumbling about? Are you okay?”


Hermann was there sitting on the sofa.
His under eyes were black as if he couldn’t fall asleep all night.


“M-Mister Hermann?”


Hermann’s forehead wrinkled.


“What did you say? Mister Hermann?”


“…I-I apologize.
I don’t quite know… How should I address you?”


Hermann rubbed his forehead at the sight of Diana’s hesitant look.


“You don’t need to apologize… just call me Hermann.”


“Is that so… Will it be alright?”


Hermann repeatedly nodded his head.


“Is your body feeling okay?”


I’m not hurt at all.”


“That’s a relief.
Even though it should be expected since I cast magic on you.”


“Thank you so much.”


Healing Magic.
For her, who was not a noble, it was a very luxurious thing.
In her heart, she added a few more grateful points for Hermann.


While getting up from the sofa, Hermann looked at her.


“You have to eat.
Do you have anything you want to eat? You can order here and you can also go out to eat.
Ah, you need to wash your face first.
I’ll call the staff here.”


At those words, she came to her senses.
Now was not the time to be leisurely talking like this. 


“Mister Hermann! I mean, Hermann! By any chance, did you see my clothes? It seems that I can’t find the original clothes that I was wearing.”


“Clothes? Aaah….”


Hermann yawned and rubbed his face.
His relaxed appearance burned her insides. 


“It was already torn and dirty, so I threw it away.”


“Excuse me!? N-no, I mean, did you just say you threw them away?”


Ah, I asked the staff here to change your clothes, so you don’t have to worry.”


It was fortunate to know that she didn’t have to ask, but still, he threw her clothes away!


What should she do?


Diana, who was concerned, asked carefully.
She couldn’t afford to waste time like this.


“Then, Hermann.
Can you lend me the clothes I’m wearing right now? Just for a while, only until I come back to the mansion.
I’ll wash it then give it back to you later.”


“Because you called me Hermann, just bring that.
What am I going to do with women’s clothes even if you gave it back?”




That was indeed true… 


Diana bowed her head down awkwardly.


“Thank you.”


Hermann waved his hand half-heartedly. 


The clothes she wore now were much better than what she used to wear.


‘This looks expensive, is it okay?’


“But, that’s a nightdress? You’re going to go out wearing that?” Hermann asked as if it was weird.




Only then did she properly examine the clothes.
Come to think of it, it looked similar to the clothes that Lady Atticia wore to sleep.


“Because I already bought the clothes for you to change, just change into that.”


Hermann pointed to the shelf next to the door that Diana came out from.
She could see neatly folded clothes in the basket.


The top she had in her hand was as soft as the one she was wearing.
It was a white top and a deep blue skirt, very smooth and good to touch.


‘It looks hard to wash.’


As she was admiring and examining the newly attained clothes, Diana noticed Hermann by the side.


“…Then, can you lend me these clothes?”




Hermann sighed deeply.


“Keep that too.
I don’t need it.”


Hermann approached with heavy steps and grabbed a glass of water on the shelf.


“Drink and calm down a bit.
Where in the world are you going to that you’re rushing out without even washing your face?”


Diana had a tearful face.


“I apologize.
But, if I’m much later than this, I’ll be scolded by Miss.
No, even if it’s not like that, Miss will scold me too, but even so—”




Hermann cut off Diana’s words.


“What Miss?”


“It’s Miss Atticia.
The Young Lady of the Baron Bordeaux household.
The person I serve.”


“Did you just say… serve?


Hermann’s voice became low.
Not understanding the reason why, Diana hunched her shoulders.


“I’m working there as a maid.”








Diana nervously rubbed her sweaty hands on the hem of her dress.
In front of her was the back door of Bordeaux’s mansion.


The hem of the skirt gently cleansed her palm.
Taking one final deep breath, Diana walked into the mansion. 


On the way to the Head Maid’s room, she ran into some employees, but they all ignored her.
It didn’t affect her however, she was used to it.


Diana knocked on the door where the Head Maid was located.


“Who is it?”


A stern voice replied from the other side of the door.
Diana’s breathing stagnated for a second, but she soon replied. 


“It’s Diana, Ma’am.”


“… Come in.”


The Head Maid was not the only person in the room.
Inside, Laura, Miss Atticia’s closest maid was waiting along with her.
Laura snapped as soon as she saw Diana.


“What have you been up to all night?”


The voice was filled with irritation.


“Do you know how much the Miss had to suffer trying to find you? I heard you arrived at Lily of The Valley last evening!”


“I’m sorry I’ve made you worry—”


“Who would worry about a person like you?”




The Head Maid called Laura to stop her.


“Wouldn’t it be better if she didn’t come back? Today the Miss’s fiance came.
Didn’t she come to seduce him?”




The Head Maid shouted.


“Don’t recklessly talk about Lord Hauzen.”


Diana bit her lips.
She was never interested in the Miss’ fiance.
She was actually quite busy avoiding him, but everybody still blamed her. 


Shouldn’t it be the fiance’s fault for immorally looking away from his fiance while at his fiance’s house?


“I don’t know why he wants to pursue such a person like you.
The Miss would be far more comfortable if you were immediately kicked out.”


“Laura, stop it and return to the Miss.
And Diana, you….”


Unlike when she looked at Laura, the Head Maid’s expression was cold.


“You know the penalty for staying out overnight without notice, right? I’ll cut it directly from your paycheck.”


“Ah, um, Head Maid.
It was actually because of an accident—”


The head maid didn’t have any interest in Diana’s words and simply cut her off.


“Right… When Lord Hauzen has gone back, clean up the annex on the second floor.
Make sure to do it within a week.”




“What’s with that reaction? Are you dissatisfied?”


The second-floor annex was a place that people usually didn’t clean.
If she were to clean up that place alone, she would have to cut off both her sleep time and eating time for a week.


“It’s not like that, Head Maid.
Yesterday, when I was going back, there was an acc—”


“Don’t make excuses.”


“No, Head Maid, please hear out my wor—”


“Pay attention to your mouth.
You’re still not shutting up?!”


The Head Maid cut off Diana’s word sharply.


“Who taught you to talk back? Where did you learn such manners?”


Diana was speechless.
Her face turned into a scowl.
Suddenly, she realized the reality of her position.


If she didn’t come back, would they even try to find her?


‘I don’t dare hope for them to be worried.’


But, if there was something, couldn’t they ask her why was she late? No.
Couldn’t they at least listen to her?


“What’s with that look? Are you unhappy with what I said?”




“If you don’t want to do it, you can quit.
Even without you, there are people who are willing to work.”


The Head Maid said to her distastefully, as if she was wasting her time by simply talking to Diana. 


Diana bit her lips until they became white.
The Head Maid mockingly laughed at her expression.


“I understand.”


We wasted so much time because you’re so stupid.
Quickly go and clean up!”


Diana clenched her hands tightly, then breathing out loudly she said,


“I’ll quit.”






The Head Maid and Laura went silent. 


“W-what did you just say!? You will quit?”


The Head Maid asked back with a slight stutter.


I’ll quit.”


Diana recalled her conversation with Hermann.



[Why can’t you quit? What in the world is the problem?]


[I can’t! If I leave my job there, I won’t have a place to stay, and because I don’t have a guardian….]


[What are you talking about?]



The ridiculing tone of his voice, his sigh, and his words were patronizing.
But, for Diana, it was a ray of light.



[Of course, I’m your guardian now.]



She was no longer alone.


This is for the better.’


Diana tried to calm herself down.


“Are you not right in the mind? If you quit, do you even have a place to go?!”


Flustered for a moment, Laura shouted.


“Laura, stop and let it go.” 


“But, Head Maid! That thing—”


“I said stop it.”


Laura pouted at the Head Maid’s warning.
Under the threat, Laura left the room, shoving Diana’s shoulder while she was at it.
Diana rubbed her stinging shoulder.
Passing through the side where she was in such a spacious room, it was obviously intentional.


“You should be thankful that you were given a bed and fed despite being an orphan.
I don’t know the reason, but let’s see how long you can last.”


Laura fiercely opened the door.


“Don’t kneel and beg us to take you back again later, okay?”


Along with a loud slamming sound, the door closed.
The Head Maid clicked her tongue and stood up from the chair.


You said you’ll quit.”


The Head Maid approached the shelf and took a thick bundle of paper.


“Even if you didn’t quit like this, I would already have a headache.
Especially since you seduced Lord Hauzen.”


At the ridiculous statement, Diana unconsciously questioned her. 


“What in the world does that mean? I seduced him!?”


“Why? Are my words wrong?”


“You know it well, Head Maid.”


The Head Maid raised her head.
The way she looked at Diana was unbelievably cold.
Her eyes looked at her as if she was but an insect.
Just looking at those eyes made her feel so insignificant.


Diana clenched her hands together.


It’s okay, calm down, Diana.


“I didn’t do anything.
You know more clearly than anybody my innocence.”


“So? What am I supposed to do?”




“What can I do, that’s how you were born.
Well, you have a decent face, so if you work hard, maybe you’ll be able to meet a decent guy.
Unless you follow the ways of your mother.”


“Head Maid!”


Diana shouted.


“Don’t yell for nothing.
Are my words wrong? Isn’t it true that your mother gave birth to you without a husband?”




Diana bit her lips until they turned white.


“How could a single mother proudly carry her face around like that? A nuisance that doesn’t know its place.
At least you shouldn’t live like that.”


She clasped her hands together until her fingertips were white.
She intentionally didn’t raise her head, because if she looked at the Head Maid’s face right now, she wouldn’t be able to hold back her anger.

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