“I’ve been informed in advance that you were coming.”


A woman with her hair up asked, guiding them.


“Is there any particular house that you want?”


The idea of buying a house had not even registered in Diana’s mind yet.
Her mouth was shut like a honeyed mute, but Hermann was different.


“We’re looking for a house that has a garden with a high fence and a moderate amount of distance from all the other houses.
Three or more servants will be living with the owner, so we’re looking for one with more than five rooms.
It would be great if the place was near clean streets, a security guard, and relatively quiet.”


Hermann’s long string of words slowly started sounding like a spell instead of a house request.


“The price will be quite high for a house of such quality.
Dear customer, will it be okay?”


“Of course.”


Hermann glanced at Diana and raised his chin.


“I don’t care about the price.”


‘I never thought such words could be said…!’


It felt like she was introduced to a whole new world. 


The woman’s face was full of joy.


“Then please wait for a moment.”


Hermann nodded.
After being guided to a place that looked like a drawing room they sat down and after a while a servant came in.


Diana instinctively got up.


“You can just sit back comfortably.”


“Ah, um… Yes.”


Diana awkwardly sat on the edge of the sofa as the servant put the tray down.
The idea of being served made her feel uncomfortable.


The servant put down the teacup and a plate of snacks and left.


Hermann picked up the teacup in front of him without hesitation.


‘Can I drink what’s in front of me? Can I eat these snacks too?’


There were some round cookies on the plate.
After looking at it for a long time, Diana finally picked it up.


The outside of the snack was hard, but she could taste the soft cream after she bit it.
Her eyes opened wide at the crisp yet moist texture.


‘It’s delicious!’


Diana who was admiring the taste devoured the tea and snacks.
In an instant, all the snacks on the plate disappeared.


“You want more?”


Hermann looked at her with a surprised look.
Diana quickly came to her senses.


“Cough, no.
I-It’s okay….”


Diana hurriedly wiped her lips.
The woman came back into the drawing room just in time.


“Everything is set.
We can go see the house now.”


Hermann pointed to the plate and said,


“Is there any more of it?”




Diana gasped at Hermann in surprise.
The woman smiled softly and asked.


“Oh my, does it suit your taste? Should I bring some more?”


“Just give her a few more.”




Diana’s ears turned red.


“T-thank you.”






The first house was by Aachen’s main street.
The woman got off the carriage and opened the front door with a key.
When Diana went inside, she could smell the scent of delicious freshly baked bread.
Diana sniffed.


“Are you hungry?”


Hermann noticed Diana’s actions and asked.


It just smells delicious.
I’m full because I ate a lot of snacks.”




Diana laughed softly


She felt warm and fuzzy, knowing that there was someone who cared for her.


‘It feels quite nice…’


Diana walked around the mansion, unable to hide the fact that she was so happy she could fly away.


“Is this a rocking chair?”


Standing in front of the fireplace, Diana pushed the back of the chair with her hands.
It tilted, swaying back and forth.


“Would you like to sit down?”


It’s okay.”


“Just sit down.”


Before she knew it, Hermann appeared and encouraged her.


“T-then, just for a moment….”


Diana carefully sat in the chair, making it swing weakly back and forth.




“Do you like it?”




Hermann approached Diana whose face was flushed.
For some reason, she had an ominous feeling.
Before she could quickly get up, Herman’s hand came first.


“You’re too timid.
You have to shake this much.”


Hermann pulled the chair back.


“Oh my!”


Diana startled and grabbed the armrests.
Fortunately, the chair soon returned back to normal.
Diana quickly jumped up with her hand on her fluttering heart.


Hermann smiled nonchalantly and went away, saying he would look at the other rooms.
The woman looked at them with clear appreciation in her eyes and said,


“Your father is very playful.”




Diana jumped up again.
The woman opened her eyes wide, surprised by Diana’s response.


“H-he’s not my f-father….”


Diana said, glancing in the direction Hermann went.
The woman immediately took back her words.


“Ah, I apologize.”


Diana looked down at the carpet and intertwined her hands.


“Diana! Come here!”




Diana ran towards the voice calling her from the inside.

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