”The test results show that you are indeed pregnant, miss! ”

Ella Roberts face turned pale at the statement the obstetrician said in front of her. She hoped that a miracle would come—a valid test that refuted the test pack results, showing two lines. However, the reality she got was quite the opposite.

Ella limped out of the doctors office. The pregnant eighteen-year-old young girl walked over to the cashier to pay the fee for todays appointment.

”Two hundred dollars, miss …! ” the nurse said while smiling at Ella.

That young nurse smiled widely not because she was acting friendly. Instead, she read Ellas full name and found it ridiculous–Cinderella Roberts. Usually, Ella would scold people who treated her like that. However, this time was different. She didn want to deal with anything other than her real problems.

Ella handed her some money and walked away after thanking her properly. She immediately got into the already waiting taxi and asked the driver to go home.

What should I do? Why did my youth have to end up pathetically like this? Ella asked herself. She wanted to cry, but she didn want the taxi driver in the front seat to meddle, asking her some annoying questions. Just a few tears dropped slowly, making her cheeks get slightly wet. Unsustainable, because Ella restrained herself.

Everything happened because of the fateful night that happened a month ago. She was in one of the luxury hotels in the town, right at the high school graduation party, while she spent her last time in this city with her friends.

When the event was almost over, she suddenly felt unwell, so one of his friends booked her a hotel room. Her body felt strangely hot, and an unnatural desire started to build up suspiciously.

While walking towards room 503, the room reserved for her, suddenly a strong hand appeared from another room and quickly pulled Ellas slender body into a dark room. Even though the conditions made it impossible for her to see anything, Ella knew for sure that the person who pulled her was a man, a powerful one. If not, Ella would be able to do something for him and run away. This proved to be accurate when the man opened his mouth, talking harshly with his husky voice.

”Baby! What do you want actually? You added something to my drink, didn you? ” he snapped while cupping Ellas small face, almost roughly. Ella could smell the strong alcoholic drink from his hot breath. ”You must be responsible for all this! ” he said with a deep voice as he threw back Ellas shocked and confused face.

The man locked the door behind her and pulled the poor girl onto the bed. Ella initially wanted to shout. However, she didn resist because her body was feeling hot as well. She needed him right now.

”Please! Could you do it more tenderly? Im a virgin, ” Ella pleaded to him to slow down. But strangely, instead of rebelling, her body wanted him to continue his act.

”Liar! You
e not a virgin girl! I know it for sure! No virgin would drug a man to satisfy her! ” he said while laughing loudly. His hand cupped Ellas face and shoved it away a bit harshly.<

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