head. That magic sheet of course did her a miracle. Her mom almost couldn say a thing to oppose what she wanted.


”You won be able to do anything if I don sign this document, ” Mrs. Roberts said sarcastically and smiled triumphantly. Raising an eyebrow, she was sure her pretentious daughter would not be able to do anything to disobey her.

”Okay. If you insist, I have to ask Adam for help, ” Ella concluded coldly, threatening her mother to discuss this matter with her fathers lawyer. She picked up the pile of papers from her moms hands. At that moment, the victory was on Ellas side. Her mother gave up obediently.

The day later, Ella was preparing for her trip to Japan. It would be a long stay, of course.

”Be careful, Elle! Make sure you take care of the baby well. ” Diana gave Ella a warm hug when she sent her best friend off at the airport.

”You too! Never make stupid stuff when Im not around. ” Ellas tears welled up. She bit her lips to make sure she wouldn make a scene.


Ella took a Japanese language course for one year. The primary purpose of it was, of course, to give her time to give birth. After her son, Reginald, was born, Ella continued her education at the Faculty of Economics. Every day, she brought Reginald to the nursery thats close to her college.

Everything Ella went through was hard. Fortunately, the five hundred thousand Yen allowance that Adam sent to her each month was more than enough to cover her and Reginalds daily needs, so she didn have to work part-time to earn extra money.

In a way, Ella has lived a good life compared to other international students who lived on scholarships of between one hundred to two hundred thousand yen. With that money, she also managed to pay a poor international student who was willing to sign a marriage document for her. Of course, it was a fake marriage.

They just submitted the marriage form to the ward office and got a divorce three months later so that the child she gave birth to seemed to have a legitimate father.

With her condition as a single mother, Ella chose to stay away from the student community activities. She didn want to cause trouble for herself or anyone else. She only had a few friends because they happened to be in the same class.

Reginald was the unwanted child who unexpectedly completed Ellas life. A child who grew up without a father figure but felt very happy because his mother loved him very much. Fortunately, he took after Ellas physical appearance, just like Ellas clone in a boy version.

Six years later, Adam called Ella, who had never returned home since she had left. ”Go home; you have to sign the new inheritance documents on your twenty-fourth birthday. ”

”But Im already settled down here. Ive got a good job too, ” Ella objected hesitantly. She loved her current life already.

”Go home because the conditions have changed. So I need your presence to read out your fathers second will, ” Adam insisted firmly. ”Its your turn to manage your family business, El. Or, your step-dad will do it for you because your mother has already remarried. ”

”Remarried? Huh, I thought that mom loved my dad because she didn remarry for some years. Hmm, it looks like I was wrong, ” Ella commented coldly. ”All right. Im going home with Reginald. Ill make sure with my own eyes that she will never touch my dads possessions ever again. ”

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