I shouldn have allowed Claire to talk me into this trip with her. I haven even spent five minutes here and I am already regretting it.

I really detest this backstabbing Claire at this moment.

I need to go back home but I need to come up with a good plan.

I ignored all my instincts telling me that this was a bad idea. I should always listen to my instinct.

How could I be so stupid? The signs were all there.

She literally deceived me with sweet talks. Wow! She is indeed a great salesperson.

She swore this was a luxury trip and wed get a luxury waterfront chalet with everything included for the whole weekend.

A pool. Hot tub. Food. Booze and wed meet awesome people too!

The number of girls and guys here should be equal to each other, and the cabin, stuck with food and booze. Well, at least that was what was advertised before we came.

Clair swore itd be two to a room and the only reason the arrangement will change was if one of us decide to spend the night with a guy. She assured me that I wouldn have to leave my room when I told her that no way I would let a guy move on me that quickly.

But no! its the opposite.

In reality, we get a two-bedroom single cottage that looks like a dump. Oh, it had a hot tub too, but was as outside and filled with leaves.

I imagine looking like a turkey in a bowl of herbal soup inside the tub. There was a pool too but it was a trampoline designed with several duck tapes which is neither filled nor or likely fillable.

It seemed like it had been sitting there for decades and we the guest will have to figure out how to make it work.

I didn even mind, I just wanted every other thing here to be tolerable but no. there were only two rooms here with one large living room which had large pull out couches and a closet with three more air beds in it.

No doors, no privacy here unless you
e lucky enough to get one of the two rooms.

The supposedly stock up fridge had a few boxes of cereals, chips, marshmallows and some beer. Oh wine, whisky and some liquor were added too.

Is this what seven adults are supposed to live on for the weekend?

I thought this was one of the hottest weekend getaway as she sweet talked. But we are just seven in this small cottage.

I hate Clair so much!

So much for 200 bucks!

I have worked my ass out all week. Asides from that Im dealing with family drama which is driving me insane.

Its either my sister is filling my ears with how I will ruin he wedding because my ex will also be there or I am overwhelmed by my parents splitting up after my dad cheated.

So I thought a getaway will restore my sanity.

Now Im stuck here in a cabin with three hefty men. First of this wasn what I imagined when she said we were having a getaway.

With the looks Im getting from these guys, Im sure they think they are in some kind of porno shoot, hoping well have an orgy.

Theres this particular one that seems like a complete creep. Of course, they are all creeps but this particular one is a selfish creep.

I think he wants to have me for himself. I know Ill particularly have a problem with him if he knows I want to leave this place.

He seems like the kind of guy that will kidnap you and lock you in his basement and do all sorts of nasty things to y

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