I need to get out of here before it gets too dark to drive. I mean its already dark but I should get to civilization in less than thirty minutes.

Im driving down a long and windy road in a densely forested rural area, miles away from civilization. No street light and the sky has already gotten dark at nine oclock. But its a full moon tonight the moon shines so brightly, its unusual.

I am trying to navigate and follow the straight road that we came through but it seems more complicated than we came.

I have no signal on my phone and even my GPS won pick up my location.

I am still on the route where I came through for forty-five minutes.

It wasn this long when we were coming.

Oh, dear! I think Im lost.

Im still driving, hoping to find a gas station or some store where I can ask for the location but nothing.

Is this my punishment for being stupid?

Like losing 200 bucks to this trash trip was not enough.

I don feel sad for leaving Clair to be honest, I…

Out of nowhere, I see something large and dark in the headlight coming at me.

It seemed my headlight got brighter due to the reflection in the eyes of the animal. It slashed back into my eyes making me blind for a second and I squinted to catch my sight.

Its a really big animal. At first, I thought it was a cat but this is way out of a cats league. Maybe a wild cat or Panther or something bigger.

At the same instant, I hear the thump of the animal, sailing up to my hood. Hard.

Oh hit, I think I am the animal.

I swerve right and the animal slide left. It all happened so quickly but I see a spider web-like crack form on my windscreen.

The moon sticks out, a massive glowing massively directly ahead of me. I slam on the brakes, strangely feeling like I could hit the moon as my car veers way too close to that drop to my right. My gaze hits my rear-view mirror, catching motion.

Whatever it is that I hit, it rises slowly like a dark and ominous shadow.

It moves, staggering as it does before it disappears from view.

Okay, this isn creepy at all!

I give my head a shake. Was that a bear? A wolf? Too big to be a wolf but not quite wide enough to be a brown bear, I don think.

I turn off the engine of my car to check what I hit and how badly hurt it is.

Im still sitting in my car after contemplating if I want to come down to see what animal it is as the sound of nature and night creatures resounds in my ear.

Well, this is a bad idea. Whatever animal it is, I hope its not too badly hurt and if it is I hope it dies quickly and does not suffer serious pain.

I start the car again to leave this creepy place. I look ahead and it dawns Im on a funny angle, pointing toward the sharp incline. I feel like the car is sliding so I brake, while I take a breath and throw the car back on the reverse.

The tires do nothing but spin and then my car lurches forward some more, sliding a good three or four feet, I think, and I squeal in shock.

It feels like Im sinking.

Its been a cool spring so far, but maybe the ground is finally softening because my car is sinking into the mud.

I can believe Im stuck in the mud. Could this day get any worse?

I feel like Ive experienced all the bad luck in a year in just one night.

I set my forehead against the cool steering wheel as if itll help.

Theres another heave, then the car rocks, as if something has hit underneath the front and I jerk as my eyes dart ahead into the darkness, but I see nothing.

But I was sure I felt something under my tire.

Crunch goes the car again.

It doesn move but I hear something hit my car and it moved back just a little bit then lurches forward.

Now Im getting really scared.

I must have angered the creature I hit and its trying to pass vengeance on my car. Maybe I deserve that but I can come down from the car now.

I wonder what animal it is. Well, this place is quite out of civilization so it could be a wolf, Mountain lion, or bear.

Whatever animal it is; itll mess me up if I set my feet out.

At least Im in the car now, so I should be safe for now.

I pick up my phone but theres still no signal. I can call anyone. I decide to dial 911, but there is no network bar on my phone.

I hear another noise this time, but this time its not coming from the car. It feels like Im being watched.

I move my neck slowly to the side.

Something is looking in the window at me. I gasp, holding my phone in my hand and taking in those reflective eyes, the long line of fur down to a big black nose. A wolf. A massively gigantic wolf, bigger than any wolf Ive ever seen in a zoo or even on television, is peering through the window.

It sniffs and condensation forms on the glass around its face.

Shit! I think it wants to eat me.

I haul air into my lungs. And then… nothing. Im frozen, in shock, as I see those eyes on me.

I can breathe.

I try to control my breath slowly and exhale.

At least Im inside the car, but I am trapped here.

I am beginning to accept the reality that I might spend the night inside my car.

Now I don even know which scenario is better.

Spending the night with three strangers who wish to use me as a sex toy.

of spending the night here in my car, while a massive wolf is waiting for me to step out of my car so it can devour me.

Ill just have to stay put until morning so I can be sure its gone before I can leg it to look for a phone signal.

There is silence now. I think its gone. I look over from the window to see and then I gasp in shock as I now see a man. A man is unfolding from a bent position and stretching his back as he stares at me now from the same spot.

What the **?

What manner of sorcery is this?

I clean my eyes and slap my cheeks to be sure Im not dreaming.

I know I did not just see a wolf turn into a man right before my very eyes.

But it was exactly in the same position that the animal was in.

No, he didn there must be an explanation for this.

Hes huge. He has long, curly hair.

Hes naked.


I hear the shocked blinks I make, which sound as loud to me as those dolls I had as a kid with eyes that open and shut.

What in tarnation?

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