World beyond the Water

Charles and his People

Once upon a time, there lived a soul, the soul was lonely and had nothing to do in life.

Even though he has magic, every day he lived, he became sadder and sadder. He began crying every minute.

”Why am I suffering this loneliness, God? Let me experience something different! ” said the man who was crying.

He thought of something, he created anything he could imagine using his powers. He first created beautiful creatures. Frie, Gudei, and Solasta Fly.

Then, he opened a portal through another world without realizing it. He went in and saw different kinds of souls. He saw things he hasn seen before.

Then, the man saw water pouring down the mountain.

”This is exactly what my tears look like! But the sound and the view are even more comforting than my tears… ” he said.

The man enjoyed the water, he just listened and listened to the calming sound of pouring.

Out of happiness, he made waterfalls in his world. He found comfort by listening to the water and the view of the mountain.

After that, he built many mountains, trees, and mostly falls in his world.

He thanked God for everything he was able to create, he finally found happiness and comfort.

Later on, he explored the other world, everything he saw he would build in his world but he would make it even more fantastic.

One day, he saw humans eating, talking, and sitting under a tree.

”What beautiful souls! They
e just like me! ” He said.

A woman approached him, the man was too stunned by her beauty to speak.

The woman asked him, ”Who are you? You
e so different! ”

The woman held his hands, brought him, and introduced him to the other humans she was with.

They taught him how to speak, eat, laugh, stand, sit, and everything that a human knows.

The humans became his friend, and he invited them into his world. He called it ”Wynu ” derived from the name of the woman he first ever met, ”Wynuian ”.

The friends he brought were amazed by the world he had built. It was so much like the Earth but it was slightly more beautiful.

They began to live in Wynu inviting other humans they would meet. Everybody in Wynu loved the man as much as they loved the water. They would call him, ”The Mighty of Wynu ” because of his creative imagination and his powers to create such a world.

As time passed by, more souls came to live at Wynu. Not all humans know where is it, because theyve decided to keep it to themselves. Residents in Wynu worshipped the man and Wynuian, then, they decided to call themselves Wynuian.

Soon after, Wynuian gave birth to a boy. They named him Charles, Charles grew up to be a brave and intelligent boy. Every day he grew older, the more his knowledge develops.

Years after, a woman named Kurshte learns about the hidden world ”Wynu ”. She began to get angry when she also discovered that most souls that lived in Wynu are humans. Kurshte believed that Humans are supposed to be living on earth and thats where they are destined to be. She tried to talk to the people who are interested in living in Wynu but the people ignored her.

She was filled with embarrassment and anger, Kurshte studied many about the hidden world, she also studied ”The Mighty ” whos been currently ruling the world.

After that, she learned that The Mighty has power, she was at the point of accepting defeat but suddenly, a ridiculous thought occurred to her.

”I will promise to give you everything I have, just give me powers, ” she begged the sky.

She waited for days but nothing happened. Here it began, the ridiculous thought she had. She asked the devil to give her powers, in return, they would rule Wynu and the souls in it.

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