Years and years passed by, and no one from Earth saw them. Charles closed the portal and only people who are powerful enough can open and close the portal. Primo Charles died of old age, his son, his grandson, and his descendants became the Primo and ruled the West Wynu.


A tall and handsome young man was sitting in front of the window, admiring the view of the beautiful city.

Seconds later, a cute little girl with a sweet voice called him, ”Charlie! Dad says he needs you. ”

”Okay, Im coming. ”The young man said.

The young man went to his father who was asking for him. His Dad asked him to call a Plumber because their water pipe broke.

”Okay, Dad. Right away. ” He smiled and called the Plumber from his phone.

The Plumber came and fixed the water pipe. The Plumber turn on the faucet to check if it was working.

”Ouch! ” suddenly, Charles is having a headache.

”Please turn off the faucet! ” Charles shouted, and his headache became stronger.

His Father, Charlotte, and the Plumber are looking at him, confused.

”Im sorry! Please continue what you were doing, I will step out for a bit. ” Charles said.

”Where are you going, Charles? ” Fon, his dad shouted.

Charles is a young man whos been living and taking care of his sick father and his little sister. Charles was bullied for not having a mom, other kids saw it as an advantage to emotionally attack Charles because Charles is an intelligent young man, he is also athletic and capable of doing many things other kids can do. Also, hes been working since he turned 14 until to his present day.

”Im not going anywhere! J-Just outside.. ” Charles said.

He went outside, took a deep breath, and the pain in his head was gone. He knew deep inside that he sensed something else besides the headache.

After a few minutes, the Plumber went outside.

”Hows the water pipe? ” Charles asked.

”Its better, ” the Plumber replied.

Charles paid the Plumber and went inside.

”Charlotte! Are you ready? We
e going to be late! ” Charles shouted.

”Alrighty! Im done! ” Charlotte rushed downstairs.

Both left the house to go to school.

”Charles! ” shouted the two people who were behind him.

It was Hana and Tristan, his friends. Both grew up with Charles, the two were almost his family. He only has two friends, Hana and Tristan. Hana has short brown hair and Tristan is skinny and has red-dyed hair.

”Pssst! Charles! Lets go to the park today! ” Tristan smiled at Charles, begging him to come with them to the Park.

”No, I can . I have to take care of Dad. ” Charles replied.

”Its quick! ” Hana said.

”Okay but I have to fetch Charlotte, I should bring her, ” Charles said.

After that, they went to the park along with Charlotte. The four of them sat in front of the fountain while eating the food they bought.

”You know, I miss this! ” Hana said.

”Me too! We should bring your Dad here. ” Tristan added.

They had a lot of fun conversations, they ate a lot of tasty street foods, and they watched fireworks shows. They had so much fun that they just sat down in front of the water fountain again and say nothing, they just smiled.

While sitting at the fountain, Charless headache acted up again. This time, he heard people talking, and shouting, like a normal sound of people having fun. He thought it was just the people in the park whos been talking but he closed his eyes and had a vision of a beautiful world.

He was shocked by what he saw, he stood up and looked around. Hana, Tristan, Charlotte, and other people were staring at Charles as if he was a crazy man who was spinning around.

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