”I don understand, Charles! If you
e scared that your sister is going to be left behind alone and lost on this earth, then you shouldn leave or vanish, or whatever you
e thinking about and planning to do! Stop stressing, you
e not alone. ” Hana left in frustration, she couldn handle seeing her best friend sad and at his lowest.

What Hana told Charles, woke him up from

his deep confusion. He decided to erase the memory he had at Wynu and focus on his little sister.

He went home and hugged his little sister.

”Aww, whats wrong Charlie? ” said the sweet voice of Charlotte.

”Nothing. I miss my sister, ” Charles replied.

”What do you mean? You never went away, ” Charlotte said.

”I did. I almost. Im not going to ever again, ” Charles stated.

Fon saw his two children hugging each other, this gave him the hope of getting back on his feet and start working again to support the needs of his children.

After that day, Charles tried his best to forget everything from Wynu. Then he went to school with Charlotte.

In the class, they are asked to write something about how they want the world to change, starting from how the world looks to how the system should be.

”Psst! Charles! What are you going to write? I have no idea about this, ” Tristan muttered.

”I don know either, I guess I have to write whatever comes up to my mind, ” Charles replied.

”What about you Hana? ” Charles asked.

”I think Im going to write something about a world with lots of green in the land and so much water that we don have to be thirsty, then for how the system should be, no laws, freedom except for violence, bullying, and killing, ” Hana stated.

Charles suddenly lost his happy facial expression, he remembered the time he was experiencing everything Hana said at Wynu.

”Charles? Is something wrong? ” The teacher asked.

”Nothing, Im just thinking about how to write what I think, ” Charles explained.

”Okay, ” the teacher replied.

The bell rang. Many students didn finish the said Activity, so the teacher gave it as homework. Hana told Charles and Tristan to do the homework together later at Charless house.

After class, they went to Charless house.

”Dad? What are you doing you
e not in the condition to work! ” Charles said.

”Relax Charles! Im just fixing the door, it is broken. ” Fon said.

”Hello, Uncle Fon! ”

”Hi Uncle Fon! ” said Hana and Tristan.

”Hello, Hana and Tristan! Did you eat yet? I will make you some food, ” Fon smiled.

How Fon is acting bewildered them, Charles is usually the one who cooks, who cleans, and who does the physical work.

”Dad, Ill do it. Just sit, you might faint. ”Charles said.

”This is why I don get better, Im always patronized. Its the least I can do Charles, let me do it. ” Fon said.

He continued cooking and ignored Charles who was suggesting him to sit and rest.

”Charles! Let him do it, ” Hana whispered.

Charles smiled and sat with Hana and Tristan who are waiting for their food.

After cooking, Fon served the food with a smile on his face.

”He looks so happy, Im glad. ” Charles thought.

Fon noticed Charles who was staring at his face.

”Charles? You
e not going to eat? Don you like the food? Do you want me to make another food for you? ”Fon said.

”No, I like chicken. I zoned out, sorry. ” Charles said.

Suddenly, Charles had a vision of Wynu again.

”Ouch! ” Charles held his head in pain.

He had a vision of a man and a woman, staring at him, and smiling.

”What a beautiful soul! ” said the man.

”Aw, my son ” said the woman.

Both hugged him in his vision.

Then, he heard the voice of his father, he woke up.

”Charles! Charles! Are you okay? ” Fon asked.

”Yes, Its just a headache. ” Charles said.

”Charles! ” Hanas eyes widen.

”What? ” Charles replied.

All three of them were shocked.

”Your eyes are red! Look in the mirror, ” Hana said.

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