”Wow! Thats so cool dude! ” Tristan said while staring at his eyes.

He looked in the mirror, his eyes are red.

”How did this happen? ” Charles muttered.

Fon left after seeing his sons eyes.

”Your Dad is sure been acting strange lately, ” Tristan said.

”The last time he cooked food for us is when we were 10 years old, ” Tristan added.

The three of them are looking in the mirror wondering how Charless eye color changed.

”Maybe you have superpowers! ” Tristan jokingly said.

”Or maybe you have Heterochromia, ” Hana said.

”Stop with your Science, Hana ” Tristan chuckled.

”Science is a fact, and your superpowers theory is impossible. ” Hana rolled her eyes.

The three of them laughed.

They did their homework after talking about theories about Charless eye color.

”I think I want the world to be full of gummy bears, ” Tristan said.

”Dimbo! Be realistic! ” Hana said.

She turned to Charles and asked him how he wanted the world to be.

”What about you Charles? ” She said.

Charles stood up and looked at their City full of Tall buildings, Big and small vehicles, and people running and walking.

”I want peace between each individual. I want them to laugh, and mind the problems less. ” Charles said.

Hana smiled, she said, ”Thats good! ”

”What about mine? ” Tristan said.

”Yours are stupid, make some changes! ” Hana patted Tristans head.

”Tsk! ” Tristan scoffed.

After an hour, all of them finished their homework.

”Wheres Dad? ” Charles looked around.

He glanced at Fon walking through the door with Charlotte.

”Oh, I fetched Charlotte from school, ” Fon said.

”Shoot! I forgot! Sorry Charlie, ” Charles said.

”Its okay Dad already took me home. By the way, are you wearing contacts? Whats wrong with your eyes? They
e red, ” Charlotte said.

”No, Uhh its real, ” Charles said.

”No way! Stop messing with me, thats so cool. ” Charlotte said.

”Its real, Charlotte! Look, ” Hana splashed a glass of water on Charless face.

Charles had that vision again, he saw the man and the woman hugging each other and smiling at him. They
e wearing unusual clothes, with diamonds and gold necklaces.

”Ouch! ” Charles yelped.

”It seems like your headache is getting worse! You need to see a Doctor, ” Hana said.

”No, Im fine! ” Charles said.

”But- ” Hana was about to say something but,

”He said hes fine, why don you two go home? Its getting late, I don want you to be in danger going home late at night. ” Fon interrupted.

”Okay, make sure to rest. Ill pass your homework tomorrow. ” Tristan said.

”Lets go Hana ” He added.

”Thank you for the food, Uncle Fon. ”

”Thank you, Uncle Fon. ” said Hana and Tristan.

”Stay safe, ” Fon said.

The two went home while Charles is still suffering from his headache. Fon took him to his room and made him a soup.

While walking, Hana seems frustrated.

”Whats wrong Hana? ” Tristan asked.

”Don you think Uncle Fon is acting weird? ” Hana frowned.

”I said that earlier, ” Tristan replied.

”Charles is acting strange too, ” Hana added.

Both continued to walk while thinking.

Hanas eyes widen, she thinks that Charles is in danger because of Fon.

”Maybe Uncle Fon drugged him, causing him to spin around in the park, his hallucinations, the drug affected his eyes that caused his eye color to change! His headaches! Don you realize it, Tristan? Charles might be in danger, ” Hana panicked.

”But why? Charles took care of him! ” Tristan added.

”I don know, I have a bad feeling about this. ” Hana said.

”Me too, hearing your theory made me realize it. ” Tristan said.

”Do you think we should go back? ” Hana asked.

”Lets go.. ” Tristan uttered.

The two went back to Charless house because they think that Charles is in danger.

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