I am kyrie break, seventeen years old this year I just came back from Lisdan to Siapot. After my mom passed away, we came back to my fathers hometown, I changed school every year because of my fathers job he had to travel there and there since hes a businessman so I and my older sister don have any choices after my mom died, he has to take care of us and work two or three of a part-time job, but after he was accepted into a large company as a middleman, he has to travel a lot of places because of that.

But this year is a little bit different, my older sister has to stay in Luminar since she just got her job so only the two of us me and my dad, dad told me to stay with my sister since he knows that I hate to move a new place. I could want that too but I know my sister is already growing up and she also need a space for her to enjoy her life, and I couldn do that because my dad will be alone and lonely so someone must take care of him and that will be me.

CLASS 3 Kyrie looks at the outside window class, the student voices that can be heard from outside the classroom. She took a deep breath and stepped in to follow her teacher,

Okay class, sit down and let me introduce you, to a new classmate. Kyrie looked at her teacher.

Like always the teacher will say the same things she or he will tell me to introduce myself. Im kyrie break, nice to meet all of you…

What a weird back name lol. The blonde girl smirks at kyrie as she tries to make fun of her name, the other students whisper and laugh by looking at kyrie.

Yeah. I also think that. Kyrie looks at her and smiles. The girl students look at kyrie with a disgruntled face, kyrie only smiles and walks as the teacher tells her to sit at her table.

Okay, do not don fight, since this is still lunch hour so get along. I have a meeting with other teachers, Alena please show kyrie around. Kyrie if you need anything tell Alena, Alena is the president of the class.

Yes, miss Lu. Kyrie smile.


Not long after miss Lu went out the black-haired girl with a little cheerful personality came up to Kyrie and smile Hi, So… You want to see the cafeteria? she smiles. Turns out she is the class president, kyrie looks at her

Sure, Kyrie says.

By the way, Im Alena carl.

Kyrie break with a short self introduces the two of them became silent, Alena keeps glancing at kyrie as she wants to have a chat with her. Do you want to say something to me? Kyrie knew that Alena tries to have a conversation with her it is not that she too lazy to talk with her, she just doesn know how to start the conversation with Alena. Since she never had a friend to talk to before.

You, don talk much do you? Alena looks at kyrie. Kyrie is only silent as they arrive at the cafeteria and the other place that Alena showed, after showing all the places the two of them came back to the class.

Where did the noises come from?

Ha, that. That must be them.

Whos them?

Our school is a sports team.

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