The student suddenly run towards the back door of the school some of them is shouted The Darkmoon are back, our Darkmoon! Theres a total of five boy students walking with a smile and all the girl students shouted like crazy. Is that the captain team, kya…! he so freaking handsome.!!! The tall guy with a little bit of long hair as he tied his hair like a bun, the black sports T-shirt with his name back on his T-shirt. Eden juke is the captain of the sports team basketball.

They are known as the dark basketball since our school uniform is black so they been called like that. Kyrie was only silent and decided to go back to the class since she doesn like crowing places. Not long after that, the class finished Alena came again and ask if it is okay walking home together since the distance between their house was not so far.


Im home

K, A man in his forties stood behind kyrie, kyrie who sit down to take off her shoes she turns back her head, looking at a man with a little bit of muscle and a tattoo that can be seen on his neck, that almost looks like gangsters. ”Dad… kyries father Damion Break.

”Are you going out? ” kyrie says, kyrie look at her father wearing a white shirt and black suit while wearing his watch, Damion glancing at her daughter who was staring at him while drinking water. ”Why do you look at dad like that? ” He says while drinking his ice coffee.

”You don want to get married again? ”

Damion sprayed out his ice coffee after hearing the words from his youngest, Kyrie who was shocked by the water that spits out of her fathers mouth that she stood from her seat. ”Daddy! ”

”Ehem… forgive me. ” Damion coughs while wiping the water that he spits with tissue.

”What is it? Why are you so surprised ” Kyrie looked at her fathers face with suspicious because this isn the first time, they talked about remarrying kyrie and her sister always talked about it, ever since their mother passed away Damion has never been in a relationship. ”You know, my sister and I don care if you want to get married again, ” Kyrie says while wiping the coffee that is still on Damions mouth.

”Im not thinking about it yet dear, and besides I already old who wants to marry an old man? ”

e not, you are still forty-four and thats not old. besides daddy you still handsome though. ” Kyrie smiles.

”Handsome my ass, I already have white hair. ” Damion points his finger at his hair which has a little bit of white hair.

”Thats your charm dad… that makes you look, hot bro. ” kyrie pats her fathers hair and smile.

”K, daddy knows that you and your sister care about dad and want me to be happy, but K, I am happy, daddys happy even only the three of us. Im happy if the two of my daughters are happy thats my happiness ” Damion pats kyries head and smiles and he hopes that his daughters stop talking about the married since he never thinks about replacing his wife.

”I get going now and you should heat the dinner before eating. ” After kissing kyries front head Damion head out. ”You even know how to cook I wonder what kind of woman doesn like you. ” kyrie spoke in her heart as she opened the fridge and took out the dinner that her father making for her.

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