”Hye kyrie! ” Alena pops out of nowhere and greets kyrie with a smile, kyrie was a little bit startled because Alena always shows up wherever she is. ”Hye… ” a short reply, as the two of them walks to the class, Alena suddenly asks kyrie if shes already decided what club that she will be joining at the school. Reaching their class Kyrie sat on her chair while Alena sits in front of her and waits for kyrie to answer. ”Im still thinking about it, since we can only join one club in the school. ”

”Ah. Thats why you are always roaming around the school to check on every club huh. ”

”Yeah. ”

”Then why don you come over to my club later? ”

”You have a club? ” kyrie looks at Alena with her eyebrow up showing her disbelief

”Of course, I do, and why are you looking at me like that? ” Kyrie wonders how Alena can manage her time with all the duties and responsibilities, having to run a school club, became a class president and having good grades. Not to mention she always goes home early and always tries to stick with Kyrie.

Then all of the sudden a loud voice breaks out in the classroom ”Bit*h, what do you think you
e doing?! I told you to buy me strawberry milk, not chocolate you idiot bit*! ” Kyrie and Alena turns their head to the voice, looking at a girl with long blonde hair who is bullying another student. Her name is Miranda Grace but everyone calls her Mira, Miras father is a well-known politician and because of that she thinks that she is invincible and bullies everyone whenever she wants. With her two friends layla and miche they were bullying a junior student by slapping her face and spitting the milk on her, the other student can only stood there frozen while watching Mira and her friends bullied the junior student. kyrie then looked around the class and senses fear in every one of her classmates and not even a single person who dares to stood up for her.

Ha. Kyrie then sighed and stood from her desk and headed toward them, Alena who saw kyrie stands and move towards Miras group quickly grabbed kyries by the hand and looks at Kyrie trying to say not to get herself into trouble. But kyrie just yank her hands and continued walking towards the group, Alena was unable to do anything and just kept quiet tapping her hands on the head because she could expect what was about to happen. Without Mira noticing she tries to pour another glass of milk on the junior student but her hand was stopped by kyrie ”I think thats enough. ” She says while her hand gripped Miras hand tightly. Mira shouted ”Who do you think you are?! Let go of my hand you bit*h!. ” Mira tries to free her hand by pulling herself away from kyrie but kyries grip is stronger, kyrie then let go of Miras hand making her fell to the floor ”Kyaa! ”

”Sorry, I thought you told me to let go, so I let go. ” Kyrie smirks as she offers her a hand to help Mira get up.

”fu*k up. ” while slapping kyries hand ”do you know who am I?! how dare you push me b*tch.! ”

”Not that Im not aware, Besides you
e the one who fell, I was just holding you because you seem like want to fall. ” She tilt her head side and made up a confused face. ”Do think people will believe that BULLSHIT. ”

”Well, everybody here saw it right? ” Kyrie turns around and looked at the class, Alena who was sitting and the other students which stood there tries to hold their laugh from bursting. Then at the corner of the class a man with a gray hoodie and spectacles smile at kyrie and says ”Yes, I saw that too.. I saw you almost fell Mira and shes trying to help you and you told her to let go. why did you say that? She was just trying to help. ” while focusing his gaze on kyrie. why did that idiot keeps looking at me… in Kyries head. Alena and the others student who had been silent for a while, spoke up ”Yeah I saw it too ”.

With an angry face Mira looked at the other students and bit her lips, but she held back her anger and stormed out of the class with her friends. ”Are You okay? ” Kyrie reaches out her hand to help the young girl, the girl then shakes kyries hand saying ”Thank… ” Kyrie immediately replied ”Yeah… ” without giving the young girl the chance to finish her words. Then the young girl says ”But next time please don help me. ” with her head down and trying look at up at Kyrie, she was afraid if Kyrie gets mad at her because of what she has said. Kyrie was shocked and just stood there listening to what the girl told her.

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