”You know, sometimes its troublesome, its not that I want to help you because I want to. but because I remember someone once said something that makes me feel bad if I just watched that, that makes me feel guilty sometimes. So don worry next time I just keep my eyes closed. ”

Kyrie smiles and walked out of the class. A man with a gray hoodie follows kyrie from behind. ”Hey! Wait up… ” kyrie looked at him and ignored him while pacing her step faster, he quickly chase and grabbed kyries hand while catching his breath he holds kyries hand ”You are really fast, ha… ha… ” kyrie looked at him and pulled her hand. ”What do you want. ” With the cold tone, she notice the man has brown hair and brown eyes. ”Im Ethan Lark. ” He smiles.


”Im Ethan… ”

”I know you just say your name. ”

”Hah, yes hehe sorry. By the way your kyrie… ” Not even finish kyrie cut Ethans words ”What do you want. ”

”Man you
e so cold, but I like a cold girl. ” Kyrie makes a dumb face after hearing what Ethan saying. What a crazy bastard on her head. Before she could turn herself and walked away. Ethan who is surprise looking at kyrie again grab kyries hand ”Wait! What I mean is I like a cold girl because they look cool thats all. ” Kyrie pulls her hand and cross arm while looking at Ethan trying to explain himself. ”I didn mean in a dirty way I swear. ”

”Whatever, I don care. So, Leave me alone. ”

”Well… I just wanna talk to you hehe. ”

”Too bad, I don like talking to you. ”

”What, why? ”

”I just don feel like I want to talk to you, so goodbye. ”

Kyrie walks away, Ethan who was stunned by her cold attitude only stood there until she disappeared from his sight ”Man, shes really cool. ”

”Kyrie! ” Alena shouted at kyrie after looking for her, kyrie who is on the rooftop and sat on a long chair looked at Alena walks and sit beside her. ”Are you upset? ” Alena says.

”Why would I want to be sad, for something like that? ” kyrie replied while watching the other students at the having lunch at the courtyard from the rooftop. ”Well, I thought you could be mad, after what happened. ” Alena tries to comfort her by patting her shoulder. ”Its okay if you upset you know ”

”Im not… ”

”Shhh, its okay Im here, your best friend will always be with you. ” Kyrie tries to say that shes okay but Alena cuts her word and hugs her.

”Since when you became my best friend. We just barely know each other for two weeks. ” Kyrie pushes Alenas head with her shoulder.

”Since I start talking to you, you have already become my bestie, and for your information the whole two weeks, we have been spending our time together. ” Alena continues to hug Kyries arm, Kyrie

sees Alena smiling and laughing beside her, she just feels hopeless to talk more since Alena always has her answers for everything that she says. Kyrie only sighs and leans her head on Alenas head.

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