The approaching steps were slow and cautious.
It was natural.
It had been almost a year since we met.
My heart felt like it was going to bounce out and I was so overwhelmed like I was flying in the sky.
Yohan stood in front of me carefully.

“Young Lady Rivero.
Do you recognize who I am?”

“Of course! Your Eminence, Cardinal Yohan! Blessed by the goddess, the one who will bring an end to the war for mankind.
The man I love! The man who loves me!”

“She’s crazy.”

Cardinal Jun was on the side of the priests.
He clicked his tongue.
Yohan met me after a long time and asked people to leave as it was hard to suppress his passion.

“I want to have a conversation alone with Young Lady Rivero for a while.”

“No, you can’t, Cardinal Yohan.
It’s dangerous.”

“Yes… although I’m her father, it’s dangerous, Your Eminence.”

“Young Lady Rivero is bound and I am a person with divine power.
If you’re worried about me, a man, being left alone with her, I swear to God that nothing will happen.”

“I’m certainly not!”

Father and Cardinal Jun left the basement.
That’s how we were left alone in the basement.
I expressed my feelings to Yohan without hiding anything.

“I love you! I love you, Yohan! It’s just the two of us! You don’t have to hide it!”

Yohan didn’t answer right away.
He’s always been like that.
He always responded to my confession with silence.
If I didn’t know how he felt, I might have cried because I was sad.
For countless times, days, and maybe for the rest of my life.

Yohan couldn’t look away from me.
I wonder if it was because my appearance hurt his heart.
He closed his eyes tightly and then gritted his teeth.
He didn’t look away from me.
It was a determined look.
He didn’t say it, but I could tell.

“Young Lady Rivero, I was born with the blessing of the Holy God.
On the day I was born, God gave an oracle.
This child will end the war.
No one else can do that but this child.
My life has existed for him since I was born.”

“I know, of course.
I support Yohan’s will.
So I’m okay with being your mistress.
Platonic is fine if you’re worried about your chastity vow.
So please.”

“I don’t discriminate against street vagrants, senators from former royal families, priests, farmers, and merchants.
All mankind is touched by the love of the Holy God, and my love for them is fair.”

“You are the best cardinal.”

“So Young Lady Rivero, I love you.
But that love is love for all people, not a love affair between a man and a woman.
You are not special to me.”

I was a little disappointed by the look in his eyes.
Yohan told me the same lie as before when I met him after a year.
I hid my disappointment and denied it exactly the same way.

“It’s special.”

“You are like everyone else to me.”

“You know it’s not the same.”

“You mean nothing to me.”

“You love me.”

He couldn’t even express his love freely because he was pressured by his duty.
If it wasn’t for me, it would have been a great performance.
Fortunately, I didn’t doubt his feelings.

He loves me.
It might be different if we haven’t met, but since we have met, it’s an unchangeable truth

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