“Oh! Look over there!”

I pointed in another direction and pretended to discover something to turn their gazes, but it failed immediately.
My, they really are uselessly quick-witted.
It really made me wonder if the holy knights nowadays are chosen by their wits, not their characters.

Anyway, I was caught by them when I was on my way to entering the temple, and the holy knights forcefully grabbed me! This Tite Rivero, the oldest daughter of the Rivero family, then threw me on the roadside.
They were really bad! My arms were sore!

How dare the holy knights that supposedly protect the weak and attentive to the lady threw away me, Tite Rivero, the most precious in the Holy Nation!


“Lady Rivero, please don’t make us draw our swords.”

“Please go back while we are being nice.”

When the holy knights looked down on me, people gathered and pointed at me as if it was a good excuse.

“Look at that.
That’s the crazy girl of the Rivero family.”

Even though I didn’t get hurt by the ridiculous words said by lowly people, I was embarrassed because people gathered and pointed their fingers at me.
My face turned red as I was angry and at a loss, but the world is really cruel.
There was no one to help me.
I got up by myself and as though my left ankle was sprained when I fell, it hurt so much.
Hence I shouted.

“My legs hurt!”

“We don’t get fooled twice! Please go back!”

“She’s surely the crazy girl of the Rivero family.
Seems like she doesn’t know what shame is.”

“She’s indeed shameless.”

“She’s a crazy girl, so how could she know what shame is?”

“I’m scared this will be heard by His Eminence.”

“You haven’t heard the news? If it’s about Young Lady Rivero, His Eminence will tremble, so everyone is being careful so that even the ‘Ri’ of Rivero won’t reach his ears.”

“How pitiful.
How could such a holy person get a crazy girl attached to him.”

“Even if she’s crazy, she has to be a kind-hearted crazy.
How could she dare to desire His Eminence because there is no other in her eyes.”

All the people that surrounded me were busy slandering me.
They were all of a low-key personality that drove a woman into a corner and insulted her.
There was no one to help me at all.
I talked once again.

“I can’t walk because my legs hurt!”

“Shut up, witch!”

“Go away from the temple!”

“Give up on His Eminence!”

I don’t know who it was, but a very bad person threw a stone at me.
Because someone did that, those stupid low people followed it, you know? Everyone didn’t openly try to hit me because they were afraid of the Rivero family.
Most of the stones fell to the ground around me.
But some hit and some bounced off the ground and hit me.
When I shouted because it was hurt, the holy knights only then moved and protected me.
They are foolish and impudent people that don’t know what their duty is.

Although my foot was sprained, it didn’t mean I couldn’t walk.
Therefore, I just ran straight inside the temple.
Once I met my beloved inside the temple, he would heal my wounded ankle using his divine power.
Alas, this time the priests stopped me.
I tried to escape them, but I stopped after listening to what they said.

“Cardinal Yohan sent us.”

“Oh my.
Did he tell you to guide me to him?”

“It was an order to keep Lady Rivero under our watch so you won’t make any trouble while he contacts the House of Rivero.”

“Even if he doesn’t contact my family, I will come to him whenever he calls me.”

“Young Lady Rivero! Please come to your senses!”

“I am sane.”

This is really frustrating.
I’m telling you that priests nowadays are also chosen without taking their characters into consideration.
The priests shook their heads when I smiled and then restrained me.
I became unable to do anything but breathe.
In addition, my lips and tongue couldn’t move, so I couldn’t say anything.

The holy knights moved me to an isolated place and blocked my sight.
It was noisy in the temple’s entrance, and there were some people leaving the temple on horses.

And I saw him.
The one I love, the one who loves me, my fated half, Yohan!

I wanted to tell Yohan, “I’m here,” but I couldn’t talk because of the restraints.
Still, I earnestly told him about my presence through telepathy.
We’re fated, so telepathy works in this kind of close range.
In fact, Yohan’s eyes looked at me through the holy knights that covered me.

He saw me! He saw me! I sent telepathy to him to quickly undo this restraint, hug me, put me on the horse he rides, then go to have a picnic together.
But the telepathy was too long.
He only rode the horse and left.

The priests only loosened the restraints they put on me when he had gone far, far away from sight.
Feeling heartbroken, I vented to the priests.

“He saw me! Why did you block me!”

“Please come to your senses, Lady.
Cardinal Yohan doesn’t love you!”

“No, he loves me.
He fell in love with me at first sight.
He unchangingly loves me with full passion ever since that very first day we met.
Why doesn’t everyone know that?”

I was really frustrated.
Why doesn’t everyone know? He loves me hundreds and thousands more than I love him.
I feel suffocated because of the love in his eyes whenever he looks at me.
I feel the love that is for all humanity is driven to me.
But why doesn’t everyone know that?

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