He is surely waiting for me to follow him.
Having such a thought, I was ready to chase after him, but everyone blocked me, telling me to wait until people from the Rivero family came.
I am indeed the noble Tite Rivero, but what could I do with bullies that use their power on women? Besides, I got my ankle sprained too at that time.

I eventually was detained by people from my house and put into the carriage; forced to go home.
My father hit my face as soon as he saw me.
I couldn’t keep my balance because of my sprained ankle and fell, so he went wild even more, thinking I was acting.
It was really unfair to me.

“You brought all the disgrace to this family! I will pluck out all of your hair!”

He then said a ridiculous thing, you see.
My blonde hair is one of the most dazzling things in the Holy Nation.
But he wanted to pluck it all out? Not a chance.
That night I climbed over the wall.
That was the first time I climbed over the wall twice a day.
From there on, I climbed it frequently.
Twice? I’m sure there were days when I climbed it ten times.
A lot of things happened after that.

Yeah, it was a story from a few years ago.

Where was I? Did I tell you until I climbed the wall? I then gave money to a street kid and asked if His Eminence had returned.
Luckily, he said he hadn’t returned.
Therefore I waited for my love to come near the temple.

It’s a bit sad, but I did a trick.
If I waited for him openly, the bad holy knights would block me again, so I wrapped myself with a cloth and pretended to be a vagrant.
There are a lot of vagrants near the temple.
As you know, the war was quite long.
And the truce was shot.

I am originally a precious body, so I worried if it would be difficult to cover my nobility with a rag, but fortunately, maybe because I was limp, no one suspected me.
Ah, I wrapped my hair in a unique way.
My golden hair is one of the most dazzling things in the Holy Nation, so I would attract attention even if only one strand came out of the cloth.
The cloth I picked from the street was dirty and smelly, but I endured it.
I waited for my love to return like that.

The cloth was dirty, my body was tired, and my ankle was hurt, but this was about waiting for my beloved person, right? I forgot the pain and disregarded the tiredness.
I waited for my love like that, and finally, he was coming from a distance.
His figure riding a horse was really manly.
He was a cardinal, but he was cool and manly so it was believable to say he was a holy knight.

The horse he rode got closer.
It looked like he would go straight inside the temple on his horse, so I jumped in front of him.
He immediately stopped the horse.

“This insolent!”

“Your Eminence! Forgive us!”

“It’s fine.
The vagrants are also those to be cared for by God’s mercy.”

Ta-da~! In order to surprise him, I tried to take off the rag I wore.
Everyone would surely get surprised when my golden hair showed up under the dirty rag.
However, Yohan was really different from others.

“Are you hurt any… Goodness.”

Even though I didn’t take off the rag, Yohan knew that it was me under it.
Since he found out, I couldn’t trick him any longer.
It was regrettable, but still, I didn’t forget the “ta-da”.

Yohan got serious.
He was likely worried about my action to jump in front of his horse.
I could die if things went south.
It was indeed a dangerous situation where I could get stamped on by the horse’s hoofs if he was a rider lacking skill.
However, I believed in Yohan’s horsemanship.

“Young Lady… Rivero…”

Yohan couldn’t finish his words as if he was touched by me coming to meet him.
He turned his head, unable to find the words.
We could talk more if it wasn’t for the despicable Cardinal Jun.
It was really a pity.

“We should’ve just stepped on her.”

“Cardinal Jun, please don’t say such a harsh utterance.”

“Yohan! It’s me! You wanted to see me, right? I came because I also want to see you! Have you had your dinner? I haven’t, so do you want to have it together?”

“It’s late.
It’s dangerous even if it’s around the temple, so please quickly go back to your home.
Excuse me then,”

Yohan quickly made the sign of the cross, then tried to get on the horse.
I grabbed him.
Perhaps because there were people watching around, he got embarrassed.
It was really a problem because my love is very shy.
We love each other and would marry someday anyway, so there is no need to keep our distance.
Yet he always pays more attention to controlling his expression when he sees me.
Seems like he’s worried the muscles on his face will relax when he looks at me.
It’s comfortable to just smile like me.

“Please stay away!”

The holy knights tried to separate me and him roughly.
So I exerted myself.

“Yohan! Please punish these rude people!”

“Please don’t be so harsh on her.”

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