easy position to quit.”

“I believe even the pope can return to secular life.
God will not be angry.
We’re meant to be, after all.”


“Young Lady Rivero.
You are still young, so you’re confused between admiration and love.
You misunderstood your wonder for the blessing the god gave me as a feeling to me.”

“I don’t want to kiss God nor I want to hug him.
You are like that, too, right, Your Eminence? And, I’m not that young.
I’m only two years apart from—mmrf!”

My father and mother blocked my mouth.
I managed to get their hands off my mouth because I had more to say.

“You love me, don’t you? You fell for me! So am I! I fell at the first—mmmrrf!”

I was dragged out by my parents.
I saw him until the last minute.
So was he.
He couldn’t take his eyes off me until the last minute.
I couldn’t see his eyes because rude people immediately surrounded him, but I’m sure he couldn’t take his eyes off me until the end.
I know.

I was confined in my room like that.
My father and mother declared a month-long curfew and I ended up copying letters of apology and scriptures ten times.
It was easy to copy the scriptures.
I was already able to memorize and recite it, so I could just write it, not copy it.

The problem was the letter of apology.
I didn’t know what I did wrong, so I racked my brain.
Even the maid who brought me a meal only said I was wrong and didn’t tell me what I did wrong.
When I asked what I did wrong, everyone looked like, “are you asking because you don’t know?”

I felt really wronged.
It was the first time my parents scolded me like that, so I couldn’t think I did nothing wrong.
I was really a naive kid back then.

So I believed I did something wrong and thought hard about what it was.
After a few days of suffering, I finally found out my fault.
I’m telling you I realized my fault.
I made a really big mistake, you see.
I have committed an unspeakable disrespect to Cardinal Yohan.

After the long curfew, I decided to meet Yohan in person and apologize for my rudeness.
My parents were very happy with my decision and hardly prepared an appointment for me and him to meet.
I was on my way to apologize, so I dressed up as neatly as I could and met him.

He didn’t hide his smile because he was happy to meet me.

“Welcome, Young Lady Rivero.”

“Hello, Your Eminence.
I’m here to apologize for the rudeness I’ve committed.”

“Can it be called rude? It’s a cute mistake that young girls often make.
I have no intention to reproach you, Young Lady.
You don’t have to ask for forgiveness.
I’ve already forgiven you.”

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