Chapter 9 Finger f*ck, it hurts when it comes in (H)

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“Ahhh… Brother Xingyuan, don’t….
Yu’er can’t bear it…..”

Usually, Zhao Shuyu’s secret place couldn’t bear the earnest thrusts of her eldest brother’s tongue, causing the itchiness in her heart to crawl out.
Zhao Shuyu could only feel an unfamiliar urgency, bringing out helpless moans.

The small p*ssy constantly shrank, but when it tightened, her eldest brother’s tongue pushed it open.
She clenched her tummy to squeeze in the probing tongue, but Zhao Xingyuan aggravatedly spread her meat walls and thoroughly sent his tongue in and out of her flower cave.

After being licked over several times, Zhao Shuyu finally couldn’t endure any longer and let out a soft cry, her whole person falling half-unconscious.

“Little Yu’er is far too delicate.
Eldest brother still hasn’t eaten enough.”

The desires of an adult man couldn’t be so easily dismissed.
Zhao Xingyuan brought Zhao Shuyu back to the residence when he was seventeen, and now, he was a twenty-nine-year-old man.

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He was already nearing the age of thirty and had never set foot in a brothel before, but those distinguished prostitutes were never to his liking.
The only thing that could move his heart to return home early was this young sister that he carried home.

He was always worried that the servants wouldn’t attend to him properly or that his two younger brothers would get bullied.
He had always been a dignified cautious family head and an older brother.
He didn’t know when he turned into a shameless person who took liberties with his little sister.
It was truly a sin.

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The fingertip wiggled inside her delicate meat walls, but Zhao Xingyuan didn’t dare exert more energy.
He raised his head and saw Zhao Shuyu’s eyes turn red like a rabbit’s, her tear-filled eyes looking straight at him, feeling extremely wronged.

Her grievance was because her eldest brother had toyed with her until she ached, not knowing she had just been finger f*cked by her brother.

“Yu’er’s seam is too small.
If eldest brother doesn’t help Yu’er loosen up, Yu’er will feel more pain in the future.”

Zhao Xingyuan gently kissed Zhao Shuyu’s forehead, coaxing her.

He was soft towards her, but his meat stick down below wasn’t soft at all.
His younger sister’s cave was both tight and narrow.
Before, he didn’t insert his finger in, but now that she was already twelve years old, if he still didn’t think of ways to loosen her up a bit, what would happen later on?

Hence, the coaxing.
The finger began sliding in and out of Zhao Shuyu’s flower cave.

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Slippery and tight, rough and hard, the little cave was like a vine wrapping around his finger, constantly twisting and tightening.

Zhao Xingyuan’s eyes were burning with lust, he wanted to swap out his finger with his python and plunge into Zhao Shuyu’s p*ssy all the way in for unbridled pleasure, but that would cause Zhao Shuyu to suffer terribly.

Such images appeared in Zhao Xingyuan’s mind countless times, causing his breathing to become cruder and cruder.
He then lowered his head and sunk his tongue into Zhao Shuyu’s small ear as if he were plunging into her cave.

“Little Yu’er, do you know how tight you are?”

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