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Sucking and sucking it in, tightening and tightening again.

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Zhao Xingyuan’s expression immediately turned dark.
Naturally, he knew that Zhao Shuyu had achieved climax with his finger.

He saw his little sister’s confused state, her fluttering and ecstatic appearance, and then looked at his own unconsolable desire.

Zhao Xingyuan’s eyes were getting darker and darker, his thoughts only clouded by the want to make Little Yu’er suffer and feel good even more.

With this train of thought, as Zhao Shuyu was in the middle of venting her weakness, Zhao Xingyuan’s rotten character took out two fingers and once again inserted them into her small satiny p*ssy.

“One finger made Little Yu’er leak water on the bed.
Now, eldest brother is giving Yu’er two fingers.
Yu’er, does it feel good?”

While Zhao Xingyuan was saying this, he was pressing down on Zhao Shuyu’s evading waist, slowly sticking in his two fingers.

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“Noooo, Brother Xingyuan, Yu’er is hurting…”

Her soul had just returned moments ago, but now her eldest brother was loving her dearly.
He even asked if she felt good.

Of course, it didn’t feel good.

But, the man was obviously only asking for show and didn’t relent on pressing down her waist.
Moreover, his two fingers were also trapped inside her p*ssy, directly plunging into her flower.

The soft meat walls were squeezing the invading fingers.
Zhao Xingyuan’s breaths turned heavy as the two fingers kept turning and stirring inside Zhao Shuyu’s body.

T/N: Still in hiatus!! Wanted to update this once in a while.

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