older generation, only a distant relative with the Gao family dwelling in Jinzhou City, but this couldn’t be a child of the Gao family.

Everyone was bewildered, but the eldest son’s words were golden.
If he said that she was his younger sister, then she was his younger sister.
How could the people below him freely comment on this matter?

As the wet nurse was about to take the small girl, after coaxing her for a bit, she was all of a sudden, mesmerized by the beauty brought by the young girl’s countenance.

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Her small pink face, her long eyelashes, her large pair of grape-shaped eyes, opening them as they spun around and without a tear or fuss in sight.

This baby was truly like a jade doll as if she were meticulously carved from precious jade, making people’s hearts grow fond of her with just a look.

The wet nurse couldn’t help but think that if she was raised by the young masters of the Zhao family while also having an exquisite appearance, one day, she would surely become a sought-after beauty.

The more the wet nurse gazed at her, the more she loved this girl in her arms.
Truly, this baby was able to move people’s hearts, making them cherish and love her deeply.
It was no wonder that the eldest son, who had a heart of stone, was also swayed.

Zhao Xingyuan said a few words before hurriedly departing from the Zhao residence due to being busy with other matters.

The wet nurse smiled and turned around, carrying the small girl back to the house to feed her.
After enjoying the bustling scene, the servants all quickly scattered.

At this moment, the five-year-old Zhao Xifan and the six-year-old Zhao Muqing slowly walked towards the courtyard wall.

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After eavesdropping behind the wall, a younger sister had unexpectedly arrived.
Contrary to what one might expect, the two young masters were cool-headed and especially mature for their age, appearing calm in the face of change.

“Second brother, did you hear that? A younger sister has been added to our family.
It looks like I have another interesting toy.”

A ray of evil intentions flashed before Zhao Xifan’s eyes as he raised his long and narrow eyebrows, excitedly saying to Zhao Muqing.

“I’m not as bored as you.
Our little sister is still a baby.
If you scare her, you should be on the lookout for older brother’s questioning.” Zhao Muqing frowned from recalling the usual pranks of his third brother, immediately warning him.
He didn’t have any time to waste on a baby of unknown origins.

Zhao Muqing was young but his temperament was cold, just like his older brother, Zhao Xingyuan.

Zhao Xifan saw how uninterested Zhao Muqing was of the baby, so he closed his mouth before snorting in a mocking tone, “Second brother is quite dull.
Right now, that baby is still small, but when she grows up a little, she could run and jump to play.
I don’t care about her now.”

Even though these words were said in this manner, Zhao Xifan would constantly run to Zhao Shuyu’s courtyard whenever he was free, shunning her left and right while also enjoying himself.

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