”hope you have already heard the news about the new family coming here ”Jeffery asked his wife Emily who was busy setting the table for their breakfast .

”yeah ofcourse the council already informed us about it and if all things that are vampires ”Emily replied with a furrow .

”meaning that we need to be careful with them since we know what those blood thirsty creatures can do ”her husband spoke in a soft voice making her look at him.

”hey is it me who needs to be careful of those vampires you know I can defend myself ”Emily replied with a smirk .

”well I know you can protect yourself but what about Lisa you know shes so green about everything going on in this town ”Jeffery said with a frowned face .

”good thing shes making 18years soon and her powers are yet to manifest in a months time ”Emily mumbled taking her seat to take her breakfast .

”whats taking her so long for breakfast though ”Jeffery said heading towards while going to their daughters room then knocked softly ”Lisa ,Lisa your running late for school what are you still doing up there and your breakfast is getting cold ”

”am coming dad just a sec ”Lisa answered from behind her closed door whlie her dad headed back to the dining room to complete his breakfast .

After a few minutes of waiting footsteps were heard coming from the stairs heading to the dinner .Lisa stood before them smartly dressed in a school uniform a navy blue short skirt with a white long sleeved shirt then adding a navy blue jacket on top with another addition of a neck tie that was loosely tied around her shirt collar looking like the bad girl she was and her purple hair tied into a pony tail her brown eyes as the only thing she had taken from her father had something in them some emotion that showed she cared about the two people that were seated at the dining .

”good morning ”she greeted in her carefree tone taking a seat at the table .

”good morning ”both her parents replied in collision.

”how was your night sweetie ”her mum asked serving her toast bacon and a cup of chamomile tea not forgetting to pass her favorite brownies .

”the same as always in other words hectic since you guys force me to read harder than necessary ”Lisa pinpanned flatly taking a sip of her tea then taking a bite from her brownies .

”Lisa its for your own good not ours ”her mum stated glaring at her angrily .

[like I give a **] ”yeah I know mum and thanks for the care ”Lisa replied beaming a smile at her mum exposing her nice packed white teeth .

”good ”

”okay dad am done here lets go and mum thanks for the meal it really nice ”Lisa said gulping down her tea then pushing back her seat took her dishes and cup to the sink washed them wiped her hands properly then went back to dining room went to her mum to kiss her good bye which she did then headed for the door waiting for her dad outside .

”our daughter has really grown she might look or act like a bad kid but shes good at the inside I feel like shes so innocent to be introduced in this world we are leaving a world of conflicts deaths magic vampires werewolves witches …ohh no this is horrible ”Emily mumbled sadly after Lisa was out of the front door .

”I know I know we have nothing to do about it but to tell her so that she can embrace who she is earlier ”Jeffery replied staring at Emily thoughtfully then picked his car keys from the table kissed too then headed for the s

door to drop their daughter at school .Lisa was standing next to his maroon range rover tapping her foot impatiently on the concret looking at the doors direction with a furrowed face [finally].Her took steady steps to where she was then gave her a small apologetic smile opening the car door to his drivers seat followed by Lisa who sat on the passengers seat next to his .After what felt like forever on their silent drive they reached Blaxon high school.

”guess this is it we are ”her dad said turning to her direction.

”yeah we are thanks anyways and have a good day ”closing the car door shut Lisa moved towards the school premises with that cat like walking style of hers carrying her backpack on one side of her shoulder .


”what brings you here ”

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