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Giese fell to his knees after being injured by the masked man Reiji, so his best friend and fellow party member Jenney swooped in to his rescue.
The sword thrown by Jenney grazed Reiji’s face, forcing him to retreat as his mask fell off.

“Huh, a woman?”

Without a mask, Reiji’s face became visible.
She tried concealing it with her hand, but it was still obvious Reiji was a woman, and a beautiful one at that.
Giese was confused, having thought Reiji was a man the entire time, but Jenney continued attacking relentlessly with his body.

“Giese, are you alright? Let me help you.”

Mishella ran out from her hiding place and began treating Giese with the medicine she held under her overcoat1.

“Ah, thanks.”

Giese thanked her, but his eyes were focused on his best friend and the fight playing out in front of him.

Even though both Giese and Jenney shared their thirst for vengeance, Jenney’s behavior looked strange to Giese.
No matter how riled up he was, Jenney only knew how to use Sword Skills, so he would never throw away his sword like that.
His bloodshot eyes and enraged attacks were not normal either.

Giese wanted to take down Reiji as soon as possible and calm Jenney down.
But he could only think that, for some reason his body refused to move.

“Ah, try to stay still for a moment, I put a numbing agent on your wound2.”

Mishella stood up and said with a carefree voice.
Giese could not understand what she meant at first, blinking rapidly, but Mishella had no interest in him anymore, her eyes had an intense look focused on Reiji.

“Heheh, I knew that had to be a woman.
And a damn fine one.
That little pup won’t win even under the influence of enraging drugs.”
“Mishella…what are you talking about…”
“Oh, it’s just that the little pup looked like he had some fight left, so I gave him a drug to stop the pain.
Though well, that drug also numbs one’s sanity3.”

Mishella had always appeared to be the calm daughter of a merchant, but now her voice had gained a sultry tone, her words making little sense to Giese.
His brain kept trying to process everything, but amidst his confusion the fight kept changing.

“See, that is how all low level adventurers end.”

Giese watched Mishella throw multiple daggers into the air, and his best friend with the top half of his head missing.

Everything was confusing.
What was Mishella saying? Giese thought she was a simple city girl.
Why did she have so many daggers? Why was she smiling so ferociously? And what had happened with Jenney? Why was he like that, why was half of his head missing?

Just what was going on?

Giese’s mind was a whirlpool of confusion, but the world would not stop for him.
Gravity pulled down the daggers, which rained on Reiji, leaving small cuts all over her body.

“I see you have good reflexes.”

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Mishella was impressed by Reiji’s reaction speed to her surprise attack.
It was impressive that Reiji managed to react, but that attempt was for naught.
When fighting Mishella, there was no point if an attack was not dodged entirely.

“But this is the end of the line for you.
Make sure to let out some exhilarating screams, okay?”

There would be no fight, just a one-sided beatdown.

Mishella was going to take that silver haired girl with blue eyes, torment her, torture her, and watch her beautiful face contort from fear and pain.
Just imagining that made Mishella’s heart flutter, and she licked the blade of one of her daggers.

“So they were yours, huh.
I’ve already told you, but like I said, I’m not that Heart Collector you keep accusing me of being.”

Reiji looked at the cuts on her body, then turned to Mishella like they were nothing.

“Yes, I know.
I’m the Heart Collector.
I’m shocked how stupid these guys were, not realizing until then end.”

Giese’s eyes opened wide hearing that revelation, even though Mishella’s voice rang like a mere introduction.

The serial killer he was chasing had been right next to him the entire time.
Giese wanted to jump at her throat, but his body was so numb he could not even move his fingertips properly.

“I’m Mishella, also known as the Heart Collector, or a serial killer in more vulgar terms.
I specialize in killing women you see, and I’ve taken plenty of them apart, so I could tell you were one as well.
You can’t hide that even with all the disguising you did.”

Mishella chuckled as she played with one of her daggers.
Reiji had remained perfectly calm so far, but her temples seemed to twitch slightly hearing that.

“Why don’t you tell me your name as well? Reiji isn’t your real name, is it?”
“Sadly I have no intention of introducing myself, or getting along with you.”
“Hmm, at least that confirms it’s a fake name.
Wait, why are you angry? Relax, you’ll just be dissected by me shortly.
Just like his little girlfriend.”

“I don’t care about your story or his, all I get is that you’re my enemy too.
I won’t hold back.”

Reiji pointed her elaborate magic device at Mishella.
Both Giese and Mishella had seen her use it in battle, and knew how powerful it was.
It was also incredibly fast, making it nearly impossible to dodge an attack.

But Mishella was still perfectly calm and composed.

“I’m sorry, but there will be no fight.
The daggers I used earlier were coated in Ruby Burrowing Wasp venom.
It’s a powerful toxin that works on humans and monsters alike, paralyzing even dragons once it enters their bloodstream4.
I’m sure you can already feel its effect?”

Ruby Burrowing Wasps were one meter long insect monsters.
Their strength, slight speed, and caparace resilience were average, and they did not swarm together, but their venom was enough to put them on the same rank C tier as Tyrannoghavials.

The monsters would immobilize their prey and drag it still alive to their burrows, where they would devour it by starting on limbs and non-vital areas, to keep the prey alive and fresh for as long as possible.

Anyone who knew of that behavior usually feared them even more than a Tyrannoghavial.

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