Xu Youyuan just sat down among a group of friends and took the game access crystal from her temple.
Before putting her bag in place, she heard the person on the other side say:


“I haven't made love with her for two years.”


As soon as this word came out, everyone was shocked.


A friend said: “Two years? Really or fake, haven't done it at all? How is it possible? Do you remember how you two took apart my sofa at the beginning?”


“That was all ten years ago.” The self-spitting person is called A Gan.
When she was young, she was thin and now she is thinner.
The two black spots under her eyes have never faded.
She never gets fat whatever she eats, but faint once eat less, the person is thinner than a hemp rod.


There was no emotion on her face when she said these words, , as if she said casually about other people's things.


Those who listened could not sit still: “After ten years, you two will still be you two.
I mean, let's put aside the kind of quality, no sex happened for two years? You and Chen Shu, under the quilt only for a chat, how is it possible! The best couple in our circle is you and her.
Not to mention that you still expect to be as passionate as you were in your twenties.
No matter if you reached what you expected, we have to count as long as it happens.”


“No, not at all.
I was very unhappy the last time I did it, and no one has mentioned it again after that.” AGan shrugged.


“Have you two never worked hard?”


“I don't want to work hard on this kind of thing.” A Gan said, “When we got together in my early twenties, I hadn't graduated from college, the money was paid at home, I didn't need to go to work, and didn't have to worry about so much.
Now I work tired like a dog, I just want to rest when I go home from work, I don't want to do anything.
But sometimes, don't talk about taking a break, it's good if you don't continue spinning.
When I came home that day, the house was full of shreds of paper bitten by Abu waiting for me to tidy.
Chen Shu arrived home immediately but the food had not yet been prepared.
Just after cleaning the shredded paper, I found a stinky shit.
I don’t know what Abu was excited for when I was cleaning, I collapsed.”


“Wait a minute, you were very unhappy the last time for sex? How to be unhappy?” Someone paid attention to the point.


A Gan looked at these friends since middle school and grew up wearing the same pair of pants.
After thinking about it for a while, she was not afraid that everyone would laugh, and said bluntly: “Halfway through the sex Chen Shu fell asleep, I was also a little distracted, thinking about the leaking toilet at home, the water bill soared ridiculously last month, I had to find the property to fix it.
I don't know what's wrong with the property in the old community.
They know that we are not the landlord but the tenant, so they don't care about us every time, I don't like dealing with them either.
I didn't know why I thought about it at the time.
If it wasn't for Chen Shu's snoring too loud and awakened herself, the two of us stared at each other, none of us would feel weird.”



Someone couldn't help but laugh, and immediately received eye knives condemned by everyone.


“I don't think the problem is here.” A kind-hearted man intended to comfort A Gan, “Let's replace this kind of condition with a couple with a good relationship, it will also be common to happen over such a long time, not just you and Chen Shu.
You have been in love for ten years, and five or six years since married, right? It's time to think about how to add a little freshness to you two like who holds the left hand and the right hand.”


There are also some objections: “Can't two people stay together only by freshness.
This is only ten years, and there are still several decades to come.
No amount of freshness will be consumed.”

“Yes, you can't just rely on freshness, but it's worse if there is no freshness.
Listen to me to the end.
I think freshness is one thing, and more importantly…” A friend looked at A Gan, “You and Chen Shu are both busy,  you should try to avoid trivial chores that consume your energy.
When you're so tired from work, you still cook when you go home? Now who cooks by themselves, it's more convenient to order takeout.”


A Gan said: “Chen Shu has sensitive stomach and diarrhea easily when she eats something outside.
She has to deal with the boss and clients every day, all are fucking ones.
If she feels uncomfortable and can't concentrate, she will let me out of breath.
There is no place for me to sprinkle it.”


“What are you angry about?”

“Old Zhang is on top of my head.
I can't rise up unless she leaves.
I'm thirty-two years old.
I will be thirty-three years old next year.
This is still counted from zero.
Now this position is not high or low, and it is completely useless to continue to keep it.
Halfway through the thirty year, there is really no chance if I don't fight to go up.”


“Then you move around?”


“Moving isn't something that can be done with just an open month.
Everyone understands the employment situation.
There are very few positions left for us.
I have submitted resumes.
People who I considered ignored me, and who are not good enough I don't want to  put up with.”


“How bad?”


“The office is in the sinking area, what do you think?”  


Everyone present unanimously said: “Don't go to the sinking area.
Didn't there have been indiscriminate homicides some time ago? News reports only followed for a while with no result.”


“I have a friend who belongs to the police station.
I heard that there was a lot of pressure from above, but the police in the sinking area have never had a clue, and no terrorist organization has claimed it.
The chief of the police station has resigned, and no one has taken over.
Now there is messier than before.”


“Let's not talk about it now, A Gan, continue talking about you and Chen Shu.” Someone brought the topic back, “Is there no other choice but to work in the sinking area? If it doesn't work, I can ask Mrs.
Xu for your help.


   Everyone's eyes fell on Xu Youyuan.
Before Xu Youyuan could speak, Shi Ye rushed to talk: “The industry is different.”


Agan also shook her head: “I'm doing traditional retail.
I don't understand the games made by Youyuan.
The industry gap is like a mountain.
Traditional retail has been impacted for so many years, and the market has shrunk.
Now there are unmanned supermarkets everywhere and one hour deliveries are fast and cheap, and easy to return purchases.
We can't compare.
My industry has a large number of layoffs every year.
It’s too difficult to find a job with a similar job that matches the current salary.”


“You can turn online.”


“Without online sales experience, who cares for me?”


A friend spat out: “You are totally a middle person.”


“To be honest, it's true.” A Gan admitted, “It's impossible to change careers.
Don't even think about child problems at my age.
Even if I learn from the beginning, no one wants to teach me.
I can't move.
Old Zhang is  the Five Finger Mountain above my head and is impossible to move.
I want to change paths, all of which are cliffs.
There is only one small intestine path leading to a broken village.


“What if I lower my requirements and go to the sinking area to work for 20,000 yuan a month? Yes, I won't starve to death, but the salary is half less than the current salary.
It's hard to change from extravagance to frugality, and it's not even extravagance at all, not to mention lowering the living standard down, I can grit my teeth to tolerate it, and Chen Shu cannot agree.”


“That shouldn't have bee

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