Cakes, muffins, and tea were served again, and the sky gradually darkened, and clouds that were burnt red by the setting sun floated outside the huge glass windows of the cafe.
The huge LED screens inlaid on the densely packed tall buildings on both sides of the long river that divide the old and new towns gradually light up, and the high frequency of advertisements and celebrity support make the whole city even more dazzling than before nightfall.

This coffee shop is located in the northwest corner of the spacious circular shopping plaza in the center of the city.
The square is too big.
In order to facilitate customers to shuttle between different shopping malls in a pleasant and time-saving manner, the ground of the square is paved with tram tracks.
The non-stop retro tram is full of people carrying large and small shopping bags, crowded but orderly.

The coffee shop is a newly emerging Internet celebrity shop.
The interior is very spacious.
There are separate compartments for company meetings.
There are also semi-circular sofas around it for gatherings, and more are small partitions, which are convenient for office workers holding laptops with earphones in their ears, making phone calls while working, frantically filling coffee.

No matter if it was twenty years ago or twenty years later, there is not much difference, except that the notebook on the table is getting thinner and the earphones are getting smaller and smaller, and someone is drinking a drink with their eyes open but actually has been into the game world…and so on.

Today is Sunday, and there are not many people who can really rest.
Shi Yue also just came out in the morning.
Except for the one for Xu Youyuan, the gifts for everyone else were bought at noon.

It’s been too long for Xu Youyuan to go to the bathroom, probably because Shi Ye also followed.

Shi Yue and her sister’s best friends were chatting uninterruptedly, looking in the direction of the bathroom from time to time.

Shi Yue’s major is the hottest major nowadays.
These aunts who were born in the early 2000s are unfamiliar and curious about this major, as Shi Yue is right in front of them, they keep asking Shi Yue questions and no one patronizes the new tea.
It’s like a small press conference.

“You are only twenty-three this year, and you have graduated with a master’s degree? How old did you go to university?”

“Yes, I graduated from a five-year elementary school, and then I skipped one level, and I study undergraduate and master together so graduated a year earlier than the usual students who studied separately.”

“So what do you study in major? Do you deal with robots?”

“It’s not actually.
The artificial intelligence that everyone knows is just a general direction, and there are many details.
Like what I learned, it is more practical, and it is a popular major in the market.”

“Practical? How practical?”

Shi Yue said: “The most practical place is to find a job.”

Shi Yue’s answer caused a burst of laughter.

The people present basically have no long-term experience of living in a foreign country, so they are naturally curious about Shi Yue.

Since the economic depression, refugee problems, and terrorism enveloped overseas two decades ago, native people have become more and more inclined to stay at home.
There are still some running out, but the number is decreasing year by year.
The domestic economic development is not as good as before.
The unemployment rate and crime rate are increasing, but compared with overseas, personal safety is still more guaranteed inside.

Modern native people’s overseas knowledge of natural and man-made disasters is mostly through the Internet and news.
As a new returnee, Shi Yue is young and cute, and extremely chatty.
The topic has gradually shifted from foreign experience, professional foresight, and social issues to her personal issues.

“Are there any dating people?” Jiang Yun took the lead in gossip, “Sexual orientation is male or female?”

Everyone booed her: “How can you? Ask privacy of a child.”

Jiang Yun didn’t feel sorry at all: “Twenty-three, still a child? Maybe she has more love experience than you.”

“…… You see Shi Ye is not there, no one will settle you, are you?”

“You can pull the old face to molest a child that grows up under your eyes?”

Shi Yue laughed, Jiang Yun completely ignored them, and kept chasing Shi Yue, “Come on, tell me, don’t be shy, what type do you like?”

Shi Yue really replied to her: “I… I like mature sisters.”


In the bathroom, the staggering foaming hand slowed down and quickly recovered the rhythm that it should have.
Xu Youyuan asked:

“She told you everything?”

Shi Ye lowered her voice, and approached Xu Youyuan in disbelief:

“You guys really…”

Xu Youyuan did not speak, and took a piece of absorbent paper and stuck it on the back of her hand.
Soon the water on her hand was soaked up and the paper disappeared.

Shi Ye was anxious to see her unhurriedly:

“Why are you annoyed with a child, she is so much younger than you, one generation behind.”

Xu Youyuan is unhappy, she is not a good-tempered person:

“It’s just because she is so young that I’m angry! Don’t tell me that I’m older than her, I’m eleven years older than her, so I know it very well.
What does she mean by asking you to say this now? How can I not know what the hell is her idea? We all came from that age who doesn’t know who? Shi Ye, don’t pretend to be ignorant.
No matter what you say is useless this time.

“What kind of ignorant should I pretend to be, am I not advising you?” Shi Ye looked at the bathroom door, for fear that someone would come at this time.
“Xiaoyue is sometimes a little naughty, after all, she is at her age.
You said it, all People who have been young, you also lost control in your early twenties, did you? I apologize to you for her, okay? Don’t get angry, it’s harmful to your health.”

Xu Youyuan sighed: “Forget it, it’s not a big deal.
I’m at such an age and am a divorced person.
Caring too much about these things makes me look hypocritical.
It’s just that too many awful things happened recently with unstable menstruation, and the evil fire in my heart is hard to control.”

Shi Ye smiled and said, “You used to be like this.
Don’t blame your bad temper on menstruation.”

Xu Youyuan glanced at Shi Ye when she buttoned her sleeves back: “You and she are in a good relationship, she told you everything.”

“Of course, there are only two of us in our family, and she is much younger than I am, I treat her like my daughter since childhood.” Shi Ye looked at her, “Speak of which, what about divorced people? Now the divorce rate is so high, and same-sex marriage isn’t any better, why label yourself.”

“I didn’t put a label, it’s just that it’s embarrassing to say this thing… She is so much younger than me, and she is your sister, I looked her grown up, just like you said, it’s a generation behind.” Xu Youyuan I didn’t know what was thinking, her face was red, and her throat was inexplicably dry, she cleared her throat.

Shi Ye feels that something is wrong more and more: “Wait a moment, Xu Youyuan, what exactly happened between you and my sister?”

Xu Youyuan looked at her for a long time and understood: “So You don’t even know anything and you are cheating me, right?”


“I thought you feuded, she didn’t answer me when I ask her, so I have to ask you.
How did it turn out? The more I listen, the weirder it is, what’s the matter!” Shi Ye lowered her voice and shouted in a low voice.

Xu Youyuan avoided her gaze and gave an annoyed “tut”.

Shi Ye knows her too much, which makes her feel more terrible.

“Don’t let it be what I think it is…” Shi Ye was like a thief leader who assigned tasks at night, her voice was too small, “You and Xiaoyue…”

“We had sex.” Xu Youyuan had no expression on her face, and she was too lazy to conceit and confessed directly.


“You like mature sister, that’s just right, what do you think of me?” Jiang Yun said without embarrassment, “I have just been single.
Look, it’s better to come by coincidence than to come early.”

Shi Yue was overjoyed, stood up amidst the teasing of friends at Jiang Yun, and said: “I’m going to see my sister, why didn’t she come back for a long time.”

Shi Yue left, and A Gan pushed Jiang Yun: “You look like you are hungry, and you are not afraid of scaring others.”

Jiang Yun is grievance: “Just treat me as if I have just been cheated, have mercy on me.
I’m just talking about chattering.
Who wouldn’t like such a pretty and good temper girl? It’s just for fun.
I’m refreshed, people won’t take my sentence seriously.”

Shi Yue heard the voice of someone inside when she walked to the bathroom door, she slowed down, and when she leaned to the door, she could tell that it was her sister’s voice.

“Fuck…” Working the system, Shi Ye has developed a habit of not speaking dirty words, and even try to avoid words that are next to dirty words.
She must be really anxious to speak so bluntly, “Xu Youyuan, what are you talking about?”

“We did that, you heard it.” Xu Youyuan turned the collar back, took out the hand cream from her pocket, and wiped it carefully.

Shi Ye wanted to ask which “did” it was, but she swallowed it back.
She will be silly if she asks this question.

The two stood in the bathroom, silent for a while.
The OLED screen hanging on the wall is playing the latest popular music.
The sound is not loud, and it can cover some embarrassing sounds at ordinary times, but at this moment, it is impossible to cover the deliberately lowered conversation.

Shi Ye still speaks first:

“Are you serious?”

Xu Youyuan looked at her.

Shi Ye explained: “I am not an old antique.
Of course, I know that the times are different from before, it’s very open now.
But after all, it is my own sister.
I always hope that she will not make detours in anything.
More importantly… Youyuan, I’ll just say it straightly, you just got divorced and you are stuck in a hurdle.
If you want to find someone to vent and entertain you, I hope that person is not my sister.”

It’s can be seen that Xu Youyuan’s heart was filled with anger, and there were obvious ups and downs in her chest.

Shi Ye asked her: “Where have you been these days? How did you get involved with Xiaoyue? You really went to Iceland? You met her in Iceland?”


“So what the hell is going on!” Shi Ye was eager to know.

Xu Youyuan always doesn’t like to roundabout.
Since her friend wants to know, there is nothing she can’t hide: “I don’t have a hobby of having sex with kids.
It’s a complete accident.”

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